Is our under pressure elected Mayor cracking already? Or is it an early run for the council’s new honest approach to consultation – “I’ve listened to you – now fuck off OK”?

It starts at around 1 minute 40 seconds in. Enjoy …





  1. Horfield Harry

    Sounds like Paul Saville haranguing Ferguson, who has then finally snapped. George shouldn’t have sworn at him but what is of more interest to me is the conversation that Saville subsequently has with PRSC’s Chris Chalkley. Chalkley says of Ferguson, “he’s the best chance we’ve got”. What’s that all about then? Best chance of what? As a proud revealer of hidden agendas, maybe the Bristolian can tell us what Chalkley and PRSC’s aim is.

    1. thebristolblogger

      Not sure Chris has any political agenda, let alone a hidden one. His main interests seem to be selling china and promoting local artists with a fairly cavalier attitude to quality control.

      As you can freely observe the only social and economic outcome of this is gentrification, increased property values and increased rents. This is just typical neo-liberal capitalist accumulation at work. About as far from a left wing agenda as you can get. I assume this is why George is so keen on it?

  2. Greg

    Ferguson has already said that his main aim is to get the millions that the council is in debt down. He is attacking the motorist with stupid taxes -parking zones, congestion charges, etc on the pretext that we need clean air. This attacks the poor and leaves his beloved middle classes alone

    Most of Bristol didnt vote for a mayor, let alone this millionaire joker -Ferguson just FUCK OFF yourself

  3. Disillusioned Bristolian

    I find the ‘elected’ mayor to be a bit of an idiot, definitely a narcissistic personality that is trying to run my great city like he’s running a business. He has no time for the consideration of anyone that disagrees with what he wants and proudly talks about it as he did in this clip. When challenged he loses his temper, as he did in this clip and as he has done on the local radio. Unfortunately we don’t all fit the square hole he is trying to fit us into and some of his ideas are beyond belief. Seriously what has he ever actually done for Bristol that hasn’t suited him in some way? Elected mayor – makes his own mind up without consultation. Revamping the tobacco factory – made some serious money from that. Residents parking scheme – looking after his ex pals at the merchants venturers (who all seem to be interested in clifton and clifton only as that’s where the good cash is!) and when this is rolled out to the other areas suggested perhaps it will suit his property interests in driving prices up. As Monty Brewster said “none of the above” after all they are as bad as each other.

    Interesting that the elected mayor received 31000 of the entire population of Bristol as support in the mayoral elections, what’s that 5 or 6% of the tax paying public?!

    I really hope he takes his own advice (as per the clip) and heads back from wence he came – Bristol Uni has a lot to answer for in bringing people like this to our great city!


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