Senior BCC officers implicated in sick election plot

More illuminating news about the gang of overpaid RIGHT-WING DEADBEATS Bristol City Council calls its Senior Leadership Team…

Bristol City Council employees have contacted The BRISTOLIAN to express anger and amazement after discovering that the council’s most senior and well-paid managers have been plotting to use council taxpayer cash and resources to SUPPORT THE TORY PARTY come the general election!

At a meeting in August, members of the council’s Senior Leadership Team – including City Director NICOLA YATES, the now-departed ANGIE RIDGWELL, as well as legal eagle LIAM NEVIN – openly discussed how they could help to get the Conservative-LibDem coalition government re-elected.

Also present was George Ferguson’s spin doctor PETER HOLT, who has since left Bristol City Council for the bright lights of Camden in north London. Could his recent twitter rage at The BRISTOLIAN have anything to do with his panic over us placing the Mayor’s Propaganda Minister in the room during a discussion of dubious legality?

Completing the dastardly cabal were Health supremos ALISON COMLEY and JANET MAXWELL, Neighbourhoods boss MIKE HENNESSEY, ISOBEL CATTERMOLE, who’s responsible for ‘Children, Young People & Skills’, Regeneration guru NEIL TAYLOR, and PAUL TAYLOR, who heads up the ‘Executive Office’.

ROLLCALL OF SHAME: Six figure-salaried senior officers

ROLLCALL OF SHAME: Six figure-salaried senior officers

In their own words they think it’s “important to identify some ‘QUICK WINS’ that could assist in the current Government’s election campaign, these would need to be submitted by January 2014. It was suggested that Boris Johnson’ [sic] vision be used to inform this piece of work.”

Just what relevance London’s Tory mayor Boris Johnson has for people in Bristol isn’t made clear – after all we have our own privately-educated MAYORAL BUFFOON to contend with. But what is clear is that these management muppets are brazenly breaking the law by promoting their own personal allegiances whilst in what are meant to be politically neutral roles.


‘Copy Boris, support the Conservaties’ agrees Senior Leadership Team

Matters are made worse by the fact that the government these unelected managers SECRETLY CONSPIRE to support is wrecking local government and the safety net of the welfare state.

The very things you’d think Bristol’s council officers should be protecting for its citizens.

There’s only one solution for this kind of shameless behaviour – sack these barmy bosses NOW!


  1. Boris Clover

    It doesn’t surprise me in the least. I have lived in four or five cities, including London, and I have no hesitation whatsoever in saying that Bristol is the worst run of any of them. These pigs have got their snouts well and truly dug into the public trough,and they intend to keep them there. Personally,I’d be in favour of tying them to stakes on College Green, after they’ve been tarred and feathered, and turning loose the electors upon them with a copious supply of rotten vegetables-paid for from public funds. I know it ain’t going to happen, but heck,one can dream.

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  3. ricco luxa

    Mr mike Hennessey is planning to close a respite unit
    called school road which 52 parents of disabled adults use to have a break from the hard work of caring for there disabled children (adults)
    they have told us in its place there will be shared living
    but I have a letter from shared living stating that there is no placements for my 2 disabled 18 year old sons
    so there is no shared living to replace school road
    all the parents I have spoken to so far said that if school road closes they wont be able to cope
    so will be asking the council to take there children into full time care and then see them as and when they are able
    I have had a response from 15 parents so far stating this
    we are arranging a meeting of all parents that use school road
    and hopefully mike Hennessey will attend (he will be invited )
    if we get no response from mike Hennessey
    I am willing to get a bus and pic up all the parents and there children and deliver them to the council office college green Bristol and hand them all over to be taken into full time care
    there are 11 parents over the age of 70 and don’t know where to turn or who to ask for help
    is it fare to ask them to care for the children till they drop dead
    if any one out there uses school road please get in touch with me
    my name is ricco luxa
    my email is
    if any one out there can offer any help please get in touch

    1. thebristolblogger

      I think you’ll find Mike Hennessy is currently very busy trying to cover up the fact that his department is a party to the deaths of a huge number of elderly people in the care of his private sector care home ‘partners’.


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