1. harry

    Well its good to hear that Bristol City Council has reacted to this report by blocking the Bristolian. Managers should now be able now to carry on as normal and ignore any reference to this report or the underlying problems it uncovers.

    1. thebristolblogger

      That’s because in this the town the problem people are the ones exposing wrongdoing not the wrongdoers who are constantly protected.

      It’s also a bit of an eye opener to read the minutes of the Audit Committee meeting where this report was presented:


      It seems when the item came up the councillors and members of the committeee who bothered to turn up – unlike the Indyredpants candidate Brenda McLeannan, a supposedly ‘politically independent’ member of the committee – just sat there mute and listened to a monologue from their incompetent and way-out-of her-depth Chief Internal Auditor.

      The substance of the monologue being that things might improve when they’ve tested the new finance software that’s cost us £40m from our new private partners Agilysis and when their Internal Auditors all get back off sick leave.

      It seems a little extraordinary to spend £40m on finance software that may not work doesn’t it? And let’s face it, if your organisation’s finance management is so degraded you cannot even be arsed to reconcile your cash in the bank, no software will sort that out. It’s a management culture problem. Not a technical problem.

      But incredibly, from our councillors, no outrage, no bollockings, no arses put on the line, no final chances for useless staff and certainly no apologies to the public for the shambles they’re overseeing. Just silence …

      What’s the point of them?

  2. James7789

    The Bristol blogger still around eh, writing self-important drivel? Bit harder since they banned you from the Internet for writing poisonous lies eh? You sad little coward.

    1. Jooohn Ag

      “Banned from the Internet”? Is that even a thing?

      Bizarre accusations from someone with a reputation for trolling under a variety of names in a variety of places!

      Would it not be better to restrict your frothy-mouthed comment rampages to your LBC manor? Our richly-oxygenated Bristol air probably isn’t good for your constitution.

  3. Black Beard

    One example of waste/payments to their chums – Old people in care usually have have direct debits from their bank accounts to the council -it’s reduced according to their means to pay, but these payments tend to carry on when the elderly person inevitably has stays in hospital or moves into a home. When the council are challenged about this they make excuses like ”its backdated” or ”you have to pay for the full month if the elderly person receives care for a couple of days.”.

    This means the ”private care organisations” continue to be paid on average £700-£1000 per week from Council Tax payers money which they are not entitled to.

  4. Wirral In It Together

    I can relate to all of this. I’m from Wirral, where abuse is out in the open, unchecked and spiralling down into gangsterism and inevitable police involvement.

    It just may take a while longer as there’s an “inner ring” of high level crooks, still calling the shots and protecting each other.

    The involvement of an LGA “improvement” board may have set us back years.

    1. Jooohn Ag

      It’s the chutzpah of some of those involved which stands out – a failure to properly account for lots and lots of (relatively) small amounts of our money, which add up to rather large sums

      And instead of action, blanket denials, stony silence or else the smearing of whistleblowers…

      1. Wirral In It Together

        From small acorns… grow mighty oaks.

        ….here, officers plundered £700,000 + from the bank accounts of learning disabled people, bullied the whistleblower out of his job, and were never called to account, then paid off in a figure which has now surpassed £1 million. The two main culprits, Mike Fowler and Maura Noone, rode out a sham investigation, evaded elected member scrutiny, then shared a cool £220,000 between them.

  5. r bloackmore

    the whole of bcc are busy loading their purses at the expence f the electorate, no wonder they are scared to fight george fergusons parking tax schenme, he knows where the skeletons are buried

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