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Now available from the BRISTOLIAN online shop: set of authentic Steve Comer matryoshka dolls!

Former Lib Dem councillor for Easton STEVE ‘IN A’ COMER has been in touch to complain about our recent story on that peculiarly decorated minibus seen in Knowle.

We repeat his unsubstantiated words here for your delight:

Do your really think “We’ve no idea if any of it’s true but here’s the text we’ve lovingly copied……” Counts as a disclaimer? If you claim to be journalists you should check your facts before just reproducing what some idiot with an axe to grind is saying.

Gary Hopkins does NOT own a home in Spain. He was NOT an undischarged bankrupt when he first stood for election (if he had been he would have been disqualified).

As to the planning stories, surely as a Councillor he should be representing residents complaining about an unauthorised change of use of a premises to a car wash? or is it OK to do this illegally in Knowle but not in the more affluent Gloucester Road (where a similar enforcement case is also pending).

Just think before you repeat unsubstantiated rumours word for word!

Uh… Whoops!

Still, good to know that Steve has lost none of his famous attention to detail since losing his seat on the council by a single vote… Apart from reading but not fully understanding the bit where we clearly state “We’ve no idea if any of it’s true”.

Our readers just love hearing about Gary Hopkins!


  1. Stephen Norman

    Well put up or shut up Mr Comer no smoke without fire and I think my bets on the campaign but hey its the ballloon feast soon there looking for plenty of hot air Mr Comer

  2. Sexy Amy

    Wow Mr Comer now there’s a blast from the past when’s Lloyd George coming out of the grave to make comment do notice with interest you make no comment on Landvest Mr Comer

  3. Mark Davies

    Well, now someones getting really tetchy. Funny isn’t it, it’s ok for Gary (bullshit artist) Hopkins to tell lies about people, but it’s not OK for other people to tell the truth about Gary Hopkins. Firstly he’s a big fat parasitic slob, but mainly that he’s only intersted in one person really, and that’s Gary (aren’t I absolutely marvelous) Hopkins. It’s all self-promotion, and self-agrandisement, and almost certainly a bit of “brown enveloping” – and he doesn’t care who he treads on, lies about, or traduces to do it. Frankly it’s appallling, and the fact that you stick up for him shows what a toad you are too Mr Comer.

    It is a fact that Gary Hopkins is as big a liar and BULLSHIT artist who tells lies about people for his own ends. Don’t worry, if this ever ends up in a libel court, which I doubt the sleaze-ball Hopkins can afford anyway, then we have plenty plenty of evidence to back up our facts. I’ll say it again – HE’S A LIAR – to be precise, that means HE SAYS THINGS THAT AREN’T TRUE ABOUT PEOPLE THAT ARE DAMAGING TO THEM. Is that clear enough for you Mr Comer.

    Re the Polish Car Wash team, even if there was an unauthorised change of use, which I doubt, that is a matter for the planning team – car washing is probably within the previous use clause anyway. Whatever the case, Gary Hopkins lied about there being complaints about noise concerning this particular activity – unless of course it was the swishing of their sponges…….. Still Gary is used to making up spurious and untrue “complaints to back up whatever particular axe to grind he has at the moment – he does it all the time. It’s usually in his piss-poor e-focus – (self penned of course) or in submissions to the planners or other councill officials.

    What’s amazing, is that no-one in the anti-corruption section of BCC asks why he seems to work so hard for developers and property speculators – what’s in it for him? I bet he can’t wait to hear the thud of the next envelope landing on his doormat with some sort of reward for all the hard work that he puts in on the part of offshore companies like Landvest.

    I think the Inland Revenue might be taking a particular interest in Gary Hopkins in the near future. They say they are increasing the number of investigations they are making, and I’m sure GH would make an interesting case. There’s all that weirdness that went on with his house. Him buying it, selling it, now leasing it, and the bankruptcy and everything – something very fishy and rank there methinks.

    Anyway, we all have a chance to mete out a little justice of our own on Thursday – we can boot this total waste of space out of BCC once and for all. Just vote for anyone you fancy, as long as it’s not him.

  4. Nigel

    Such a shame! We have to put up with that idiot telling us what to do…he’s so abusive to staff in the council!
    It’s all corruption really, speaking from the inside I’ve seen more brown envelopes than
    You can imagine going through the council and GH is at the centre
    Don’t be taken in by his lies!!!!

    1. Naomi

      This will be a short lived victory for hoppers….. Once the independent investigation gets going we will see who comes out on top !!!!
      Just waiting for him to bury his wife
      However that didn’t seem to be bothering him at the count ……………

  5. fair play

    So the people of Knowle haven’t realised that Gary hopkins is a liar and a vindictive little shit. Well many people are and is only because the weak and wishy washy lib dems have allowed him to spread his lies by his self penned efocus newsletter which has more liabolous comments than all the national newspapers put together. But at least an independent enquiry will start to make people think about this bully.


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