The BRISTOLIAN has already broken news on how BUNGLING BOSSES in a desperate attempt to save money have cut services to the vulnerable.

As we reported in issue #4.11, council chiefs inappropriately lumped together elderly people suffering with dementia with adults with learning difficulties, some of whom have challenging behavior and can be violent. Then they actually SLASHED STAFFING LEVELS. The result? People are already being hurt, and the needs of service users are not being met. But that’s not the end of it.

The two muppets responsible for all this, senior Social Care bosses Sheena ‘Grim Reaper’ Huggins and Vareta ‘Mad Dog’ Bryan, have now turned their attention to the BUSH RESIDENTIAL UNIT.

A respite centre for children with learning difficulties who otherwise live at home, Bush provides an essential service by giving parents the short but much-needed break they often need when caring for kids with complex needs. Its highly-trained staff are well-respected and professional and can look after the children’s physical, social and emotional needs. Excellent facilities include a sensory room, computer facilities, a large garden, trampoline, swings and bicycles.

So what are ‘Grim Reaper’ Huggins and ‘Mad Dog’ Bryan going to do? Protect funding for Bush? Commend the hard-working staff ? Work with parents to ensure the security of the service? No – they plan to CUT THE SERVICE BY ONE-HALF.

If parents lose this service, some will have to put their children into residential care, which will cost the council a whole lot more than the £250K these DEMENTED MANAGERS think they are going to save.

Parents were only given a couple of hours notice of a meeting to discuss the plans, despite managers knowing full well that these caring parents find it difficult to drop everything to come to a meeting.

The council now refuses to talk properly to the parents – mainly because they know their plans are barking mad and dangerous.

Meanwhile, ‘Mad Dog’ is getting a tasty redundancy package of TENS OF THOUSANDS OF POUNDS. Suitable reward for devastating the lives of families in need?

And the poor sods who are working in these conditions are running for the exit, which will lead to more dangerous conditions for staff and service users.

Don’t let them get away with it. These managers should be held fully accountable for their decisions, the cost to our city and the destroyed lives. When will they stop? When they finally kill someone?

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