Fruit cake

Fruit cake a Bristol Labour tradition

Bristol Labour party continues a long tradition of foisting BAT SHIT CRAZY fruitcakes on the city.

Please step forward Sue “Who?” Milestone, the putative branch leader of the Bristol & South-West Counties Elvis Presley Fan Club UK and a big fan of Rudolph Steiner, the notorious educationalist with fascist links.

Perhaps a little unclear on the extent of her limited powers, within days of being elected the new Labour councillor for St George West was on Facebook THREATENING a user after they posted some links to very well-known criticisms of Steiner education.

“I am reporting you for posting such utter crap,” exploded the deranged new councillor, perhaps not understanding the difference between “utter crap” and historical fact.

Alas, two weeks later and Facebook are still yet to take any action to prevent its users posting links to information on Steiner.

What’s stopping them? Do they not know who Sue “Who?” Milestone is?


  1. Tom

    What a load of bollocks, about as threatening as a gnat. Sue is far from crazy and will make a great Councillor for St George West.

  2. Jon

    I think we should be more careful with some of the language used here. Words like ‘deranged’ and ‘crazy’ can be quite triggering for people with genuine mental health issues. Those kind of words have also been used to silence women’s voices – labeling any grievance or complaint as just ‘irrational’ or calling women ‘hysterical’ etc. so I think we should be even more mindful of that when we’re talking about a woman.


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