1. James

    You know, I actually like having a city leader with some balls. He’s an easy guy to mock, but after decades of political city council heel-dragging and twattery, I’m rather glad GF is doing something. You can’t please all the people all the time. Jesus, it’s only a parking scheme, it’s not as if he’s rounding up the hippies and gassing them. Get some perspective. Maybe stop doing the easy thing, like taking the piss, and run for mayor. Or would that be harder than slagging people off? Fergo is an alright bloke.

    1. Mark

      Are you for real?
      Its called Corporate Social Responsibility. The residents don’t cause the parking issues, the businesses in town do, they should be made to pay for the actions of their employees and patrons.
      The RPZ makes for tighter restrictions and another tax on residents where it is not necessary.
      There never was too much issue parking until the first scheme was rolled out. Now its an utter nightmare.
      I have a car and only use it to get out of town. It is parked on the road most of the time. I ride my bike next to everywhere in the city. I now have to pay for the privilege of being able to leave town!

  2. dodger

    Some ‘balls’ you are having a laugh!

    Having some ‘balls’ would be challenging the Con-Dem cuts to services for the old, disabled and vulnerable families. Having some ‘balls’ would be willing to go to prison to defend these services like the Socialists did in Liverpool in the 1980s.

    The only time Red Trousers has shown any ‘balls’ is when he undemocratically vetoed the scrutiny committees decision to stop his plan to turn parts of the central library building over to his mates at the Cathedral School. Sorry got it wrong, this was corrupt ‘bollocks’ not ‘balls’.

  3. Stephen Norman

    James you are clearly out of touch with reality don’t worry nice to know George has at least one friend. I think a new born baby boy got bigger balls than George you have Kids being stolen from there mothers on a daily bases massive cuts in the City that are impacting on the quality of life for most Bristolians and you reckon George got balls obviously you are clearly fucking deranged


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