#walrustrial GET HOPKINS!

‘No’, Councillor Gary Hopkins, watercolour & crayon, 2013, guriben

‘No’, Councillor Gary Hopkins, watercolour & crayon, 2013, guriben

GARY “FUCKBUCKET” HOPKINS is one of those people that continually “get away with murder” because they’re so intimidating that no-one is prepared to confront them. Slowly but surely they trample over other people and their lives until they reach the top … Or someone has the balls to stand up to them. This is how all dictators operate.

It’s similar to how sex abusers and rapists like Jimmy Saville and others got away with it for years. They were so powerful and, crucially, NASTY and RUTHLESS that no-one would dare call them to book because of a very justified fear of serious retribution. Just look at how the paedophiles at Westminster have, literally, got away with murder.

However, once enough momentum builds, people can be caught and stopped. But to do this people have to stand up and be counted. We have to stop FUCKBUCKET’s strange (possibly Masonic) immunity protecting him any longer. All dictators can be toppled . All that’s needed is people willing to stand up and be counted and the rest is history.

We want to bring the loathsome monster FUCKBUCKET HOPKINS to book and stop him destroying anyone else. To do this,  we need to make as many people as possible aware that there is someone prepared to stand up to him and with the help of The BRISTOLIAN put a stop to this nonsense.

The person who’s willing to stand up to him is a woman called MISHA SIMMONITE who runs the GOTHIC MANSION. A place for family groups to stay in Bristol. Based (unfortunately for her) in Knowle, FUCKBUCKET’s  personal fiefdom. Hopkins has been running a highly personal and VICIOUS VENDETTA against Ms Simmonite for over two years now. Using all the resources available to him at Bristol City Council.

Don’t believe the bullshit and lies peddled about Misha by Fuckbucket and his spineless cohorts. Someone at last has had the guts to say it how it is. Gary Hopkins has a PERSONAL VENDETTA against Ms Simmonite. Well done Environmental Health Officer (EHO) MARK CURTIS for having the guts to say that. Let’s not let that statement in the witness box be in vain.

Hopkins’ NETWORK OF CORRUPTION is like a spider’s web, creeping poison ivy or an octopus. It has tendrils and offshoots all over the place. He is intimately connected with, or has power over, the following people: his fellow Lib Dem ward councillor CHRIS DAVIS, EHO DYLAN DAVIES, EHO JOHN SINNOT, NIGEL BUTLER in planning, STEPHEN DAVEY a SENIOR COPPER at Broadbury Road Police Station, Ferguson at the docks and many more that we don’t know about  … Yet!

All these people seem willing to do his bidding. Either for their own personal advancement or because they are frightened of him because they have seen what he has done to others who tried to stand up to him so they just do as he says.

There may be other people who have been subjected to INTIMIDATION or who have witnessed some CORRUPTION or ABUSE OF POWER over the years. Whatever it is, we urge you to join in this campaign to establish the true nature of Gary Hopkins’ reign of terror over the people of Knowle, Bristol and Bristol City Council and “out” this unscrupulous operator once and for all.

“Out” him for what he really is. A GREAT BIG NASTY BULLY who has no more compunction about destroying people’s lives than most people have about swatting a fly. We need to hear from you with any evidence of what this LOATHSOME TOAD has got up to over the years. Even if it goes back 20 years, it’s still relevant right now.

Don’t be afraid to act – contact us now on s-norman123@hotmail.co.uk or andrewforsey@hotmail.com

The case ends tomorrow at Bristol Magistrates Court (free entry) … not to be missed!

8 thoughts on “#walrustrial GET HOPKINS!

  1. I Survived the Mansion

    I used to rent a room from Ms SImmonite in the house that is now the “Gothic Mansion” and I don’t think I’ve ever come across a landlord who gave less of a shit about her tenants. A defective fire alarm, dodgy wiring, broken windows, rat and slug infestations, blocked drains, and a garden that resembled a jungle were just some of the challenges of living there. It was utterly squalid and dangerous.

    I gather the council eventually caught up with her (see http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/Landlord-fined-163-40k-state-houses/story-11295830-detail/story.html), so I don’t know how she’s managed to find the money to turn it into a stag and hen party venue, but I can fully believe that she’s making life as miserable for her neighbours as she did for her tenants. Sorry Bristolian, but I think you’re barking up the wrong tree completely with this one.

    1. Smiley Gary

      Oh please … The recent revelations in court have prices beyond doubt how conscientious Misha Simmonite is and has been . Anyone saying other runs against a growing tide of public opinion in her favour. Witness after witness who have had dealings with Misha have testified under oath to her character and worth. But still the misogynistic hopkins ad hocs pursue their attempted character assassination, shamelessly and without any proof. The people who speak in her favour are growing daily and are astonished by the baseless misogynistic vitriol and scorn aimed against her. But if course you won’t dream of naming yourself or of stating anything that might be factually corroborated Mr or mrs ‘ I survived the mansion. What a gutless and all too typical attack from an anonymous source who doesn’t have the guts to come forward. Fortunately many people at snow swearing under oath about her good character …

  2. Peter ellis

    It is a shame that such rubbish can be written by one person about the gothic mansion. If this moron spent a moment looking at the amazing rooms and furnishings at the mansion with marble bathrooms throughout they would understand the capital spent and the attention to detail. It sounds to me that this tenant was one of the disrespectful ones who caused damage to the property. Ms Simmonite is a very hard working business women with a total passion for listed buildings. You on the other hand are a complete illinformed twat. Fortunately she is well liked in the neighbourhood with just a jealous councillor trying to stir it up. So stop talking crap and face up to the fact that you are jealous.

  3. Michael C

    Misha does seem to provoke strong feelings in men , mostly misogynistic and hostile… Fortunately in court witness after witness , as many as the court would allow turned up to testify to her worth and fortitude. No doubt the anonymous and unattributable ‘ attacks’ will continue , like so much lib dem hearsay , all the substance of a Clegg promise before an election…

  4. johnathon

    Oh Dear… i survived the mansion!… Could this be Fuck bucket hopkins or one of his cronies trying to stir it up ? Seriously I don’t believe you have ever been. In the mansion, cause if you had, you could never say that about the mansion nor its owner
    How sad you are to make such comments.. The council have had a long running vendetta against the owners of the mansion because of one vindictive councillor and thats the cause of the ridiculous hmo. Fine in the first place
    If you are not hopkins or one of his dads army then i suggest you crawl back under your shell
    And stay there…. If you are hopkins then i can tell you there are plenty of good supporters for the amazing owners of the mansion… Who have supported us and given the mansion free of charge for charity events in the past, few years. We have got to know them well and I can say they are the most delightful, CARING, friendly and generous people I have ever come across
    Good luck to them. They deserve it.. They work extremely hard.

  5. Andrew forsey

    As one of the management of the gothic mansion I am pleased by the positive comments and would like to point out that the hmo conviction was quashed at appeal. The mansion is the most popular larger group accommodation property in Bristol and has received 33 five star ratings on trip advisor. We continue to support local charities and are having a Christmas party this weekend for underprivileged children. We are the only privately owned mansion in Bristol.

  6. Hopkins is a woman hater

    My mum has had dealings with cllr hopkins, she used to work for him. He is a big sexist bully. On numerous occasions he told her to ” shut the f..k up and get on with it” on another occasion he told her to ” go f.. K herself”. On many occasions she came home really upset because he had tried to touch her inappropriately.
    She ended up having a breakdown over his lewd and rude behaviour. The council did not support her. They ignored his behaviour even though she made various complaints

  7. Shah

    I have watched The Bristolian reports with interest over the last few months. I’m more than impressed that you have reported this evil man for the horror that he creates in peoples lives. I feel really sorry for the owners of the Gothic mansion, I live very close by, In one of the new houses and we have never been disturbed by the Gothic mansion business. I think that cllr Hopkins does have a vendetta against the mansion. He has posted numerous letters through our door asking us to complain, but I can honestly say I’ve never heard or seen anything to make a complaint. He seems to be out to create something that is not there. Keep up the good work guys.


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