What happened to hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of FERRY BOATS owned by the original Bristol Ferry Boat company after it went tits up within days of its 42 per cent shareholder “UNCLE” GEORGE FERGUSON taking office as mayor?

According to a report presented by Bristol City Council officers to their Place Scrutiny Commission in October, the boats were SOLD to the first of the so-called ‘Phoenix’ ferry companies set up in the wake of the collapse, Ferryboats of Bristol Ltd.

This short-lived private company was set up in January 2013 by a former director of Uncle George’s failed ferry company, IAN “BUNGLE” BUNGARD, and ran ferries around the docks until it was wound up in May 2013 when another company, the Bristol Community Ferry Boat Company, took over the routes and, apparently, the ferries.

However, we’ve seen the closing balance sheet for Bungard’s Ferryboats of Bristol Ltd and it only ever had £2 worth of assets held in cash throughout its short existence. There’s no sign of any ferry boats at all.

However, we do know, from the liquidators report, that the boats were sold by the liquidators “by private treaty’ for £171k in December 2012. The question is to who? And how did they then end up at this new community co-operative ferry operation run by ‘THE FRIENDS OF GEORGE’, the Bristol Community Ferry Boat Company?

A further mystery surrounds the disappearance and reappearance of at least one of the ferry boats, ‘THE ELIZABETH’. In June 2012 the boat was listed in audited accounts supplied to Bristol City Council as an asset of Fergie’s collapsed Bristol Ferry Boat Company.

So how come the boat is now registered at Ferguson’s address at THE TOBACCO FACTORY and is up for sale for £15k? This invites obvious questions such as how did this asset of the collapsed Bristol Ferry Boat Company end up in George’s possession?

And if it was an asset of the original Ferry Boat Company, that Fergie was a 42 per cent shareholder in, why was the boat not sold and the monies used to pay creditors as bankruptcy law requires?


  1. Ash

    Why are you so tabloid-ish and antagonistic in your approach? I am a resident of Bristol, have stumbled upon this blog and the suggestions you have made are highly interesting to me. However the lack of references to any of the claims you make is worrying to me. The puns and nicknames you use in this post are very distracting.

    Please substantiate the claims you have made as soon as possible. Thanks

  2. Stephen Norman

    Ash may be you should write to George and ask him for answers many people have tried but got none the Teflon Don of Bristol (George) refuses to deny or accept what is printed, the Bristolian prints the news that the main stream press avoid then low and be hold it then at some point ends up in the Evening Post what you read on here is fact not fiction go look at the evidence already printed on this subject and many more of corruption involving over paid senior idiots employed by BCC

  3. PaulB

    And she is listed as being advertised by Tim Myers.
    Tim Myers is the Facilities Manager at the Tobacco Factory.
    What an interesting and wide ranging job description he must have, or is he acting as a “friend” of George, or perhaps by now he owns the boat?
    Again with George obfuscation trumps transparency every time.


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