Another day, another pathetic threat to a member of the public from that useless twat of a Bristol City Council lawyer, SANJAY “UNDER” PRASHAR:

Mr Andrews 16.01

Ooh, er missus! He’s told the police! And what exactly are they going to do? Arrest someone for sending an email to a useless public sector lawyer?

This is right up there with legally threatening Avonmouth residents for delivering a letter to a councillor isn’t it?

There now follows the predictable “fuck you arsehole” reply that Prashar must be very used to receiving by now:

From: Phil <Phil@pandrews.com>
Date: 16/01/2015 23:32 (GMT+00:00)
To: “‘sanjay.prashar@bristol.gov.uk‘” <sanjay.prashar@bristol.gov.uk
Subject: FW: Letter from Bristol City Council

Firstly, it’s interesting to note how quick you are to fire off a quasi-legal letter to me, and yet how slow you are to investigate a legitimate complaint against Cllr Hopkins – complaint lodged in August 2014 and still no action. It’s so good to know that you’ve got your priorities sorted. However it seems you are as bad at following up your duties as a legal officer (apart of course from protecting the likes of Cllr Gary Hopkins from a legitimate calling to book) as you are at actually reading and collating information. It will be clear from my e-mail that whilst I said I was hoping to obtain a copy of a document that was referred to extensively in open court – and therefore fully reportable under our “system of justice” –I categorically did not attach any documents to my e-mail. In any case, I think you may be wide of the mark and overstating your case since I do not believe the documents that you refer to are actually covered by the sections or rules that you say they are – because of the manner in which they were disclosed – so watch this space.

Secondly, it’s interesting to note that you obviously attach such great importance (oddly enough) to the contents of a document – that as I say was referred to extensively in court – that you threaten me with legal action, and have even reported me to the police! I wonder why you haven’t reported Cllr Hopkins to the police for harassment of one of his constituents, or your own EHOs for committing perjury – both at the recent trial, and the trial on 5th May last year, or your “star witness” Mr Ross for racial harassment? You certainly seem to have your priorities in a muddle – I wonder what the cause of that can be? Fear of Cllr Gary Hopkins – that he might dish the dirt? Anyway, you have nothing on me – it’s not a crime to threaten to release material if you can get hold of it- well not yet anyway – though I’m sure people like you would make anything they don’t agree with a crime if they could!

Any way, whether it’s covered or not by legal privilege since all the crucial information I referred to in my e-mail to Cllrs has already been mentioned in open court as I say, I know it’s a fact that Gary Hopkins lied to the members of the ASBO meeting – not that they could care less I suspect since they appear to be united in their desire to destroy Ms Simmonite. Therefore, I have no fear of your implied threats that I might have – oh goodness me, defamed the “good name” of Cllr Hopkins!

If necessary, it will be a simple matter to obtain the relevant documents via the freedom of information act, and as soon as I do (if I have to take that route), I shall take great pleasure in furnishing you, the press, and the other Cllrs with a fully annotated copy.

And as a last point, I am reliably informed that the correct protocol vis a vis multi-agency ASBO meetings, is for anyone the subject of such an ASBO meeting to be invited to attend. However no such invitation was made to Ms Simmonite – I wonder why that was – oh – silly me – Bristol City Council refused to do so! There WILL be a letter on its way confirming that to be the normal protocol!

Kind regards Philip


  1. Peter ellis

    You could not make it up. Could you. Bristol City council are playing a ridiculous game by trying to gagg members of the public.

    Legal services seem to think they are the law and can quote any criminal act to stop intelligent people in their tracks all to protect the credibility of the council. Well guess what the council have lost all credibility sometime ago by trying to cover up a scandal that is growing by the minute.

    People of Bristol. Don’t listen to the silence from the council demand an independent enquiry and write to David Cameron and explain what is going on in the city everybody soon will be talking about and it’s not because it’s the green capital of Europe.

  2. Stephen Norman

    Sanjay you are a fucking class one comedy act who’s your agent? you should ask George for a slot at one of his many venues. In a week that we saw a million people march on the strets of paris to support Charlie Hebdo in the right of freedom of expression and speach we got a a pratt called Sanjay the plonker trying to silence the very thing those people marched for. The defendants could not buy PR like you are giving them but more importantly the good citizens of Bristol can now see how big the corruption and cover up is right back to the other class one comedy act the Mayor. I recently saw some tweets that this fucking idiot sent to a private individual no love lost between you and Gary then George what a top class production and cast BCC

  3. Sexy Amy

    Sanjay and fellow cast members you might like to read the following statement made by none other than the Mr David Cameron in his face the nation interview in (Washington)

    “We have to accept that newspapers, magazines, can publish things that are offensive to some, as long as it’s within the law. That is what we should defend.”

    So Sanjay and cast when can we expect your statement that you will be defending the law and suspending corrupt councillors and officers pending a full and public enquiry?

  4. Philip Andrews

    Well, Sanjay – what a pratt – can’t operate a PC properly, doesn’t actually know what an attachement is – since there weren’t any – makes vacuous threats – “I’ve reported it to the police”. Was that at the front desk the plebs have to queue up at, or using one of those “Soviet era” red hotline phones to the local bobbies – probably the same one that you used unsuccessfully to get my friend prosecuted for calling Gary “Walrus” Hopkins poisonous – which he is, amongst many other unpleasant things. Anyway, I’ve got a few more depthcharges to lob your way, so don’t come out of your bunker or surface just yet, you might “cop a load” as they say.

    And don’t think you can all hunker down and that this is going to let up – we’re just getting warmed up, and getting our aim in. Just so you know, I’m not short of a bob or two – I’ll probably be paying the wanky mansion tax if either Cleggie or Millipede get in, and I’m quite happy to spend some of my hard earned cash on taking you malfeasants down. It just so happens that there are quite a few very “hot” QCs who are itching to take this brief on, and bring you all down! For the avoidance of doubt, when I mention “hot” QCs, I wasn’t thinking of that vacuous waste of space Erinna Foley-Fisher – she is so not “hot”! Did you ever hear such a crap closing speech? She distanced herself from the EHOs, ditto that racist tosser Ross, and just about everyone else she could think of – as well as admitting in effect that she actually had no evidence! Seriously – you couldn’t make it up!

    1. PaulB

      Hey Sanjay
      A new Monday, a new week. Being the expert you are you’ll be aware that tomorrow 20th Jan is BBC Democracy Day. Why don’t you contact them today – who knows, you could maybe get on Points West and tell us all about what democracy means to you and how your recent actions and threats contribute to open, transparent and fair democratic processes. Just a thought, I won’t be holding my breath.

    2. thebristolblogger Post author

      Thanks Phil. Interesting.

      Also note how this dodgy imbecile Sanjay, who’s so thick he can’t even operate a simple email account, thinks he can speak for the police and the Crown Prosecution Service? Although, oddly, there’s no sign of the cops rushing around trying to prevent Sanjay’s alleged crime taking place is there?

      Here at the Bristolian our thinking on this matter is altering rapidly. Initially we were attempting to get legal advice to see if we could publish the minutes. However, this seems to be looking at the issue the wrong way.

      We’re now beginning to think that we should just obtain and publish the minutes regardless of any alleged legal implications. The law, in the unlikely event it has been accurately expressed by Sanjay, in this case is an ass.

      The purpose of the law is to protect us, the people, from crime. The law doesn’t exist for the benefit of bent public sector lawyers like Sanjay to protect criminals from us, the people.

      These public minutes from a public organisation may show that a criminal clique of officers and councillors have been operating at the heart of Bristol City Council and are being protected by senior managers and lawyers from Bristol City Council who appear to live in an alternative moral universe to the rest of us. The publication of these minutes is imperative to the public interest and the rule of law and may help to prevent further crimes taking place and may help bring criminals to book.

      Surely good citizens have an absolute moral duty to prevent and report crime?

      The idea that crime prevention is a criminal act is a logical absurdity and should be ignored by any right minded person.

      Watch this space.

  5. Lisa

    Hello Philip
    You don’t know me. Lisa from Bristol. I felt compelled to drop you a note. I’ve been having problems with the council and so came across this and found it so hilarious and apt. I just couldn’t stop laughing and saw the funny side of our corrupt society. Thanks for the entertainment!

  6. George

    Dear phil
    Thanks for the laughs! What time does the protest commence? I’ll be there …I too am suffering from council corruption and need to speak to someone

  7. Philip Andrews

    Hello Lisa, nice to know you saw the funny side – it truly would be hilarious if there weren’t such serious issues at stake – my friend Misha Simmonite is being destroyed by these bastards, who are just so bent it’s not true. If you know what they have done, your hair would curl! Perjury, mis-use of public office, victimisation of individuals, etc. We are having a demonstration/protest outside the BCC offices – at 4.30pm tomorrow, come along if you fancy – tell a friend etc. Do e-mail me with details of what problems you are having if you wish – can’t necessarily help, but it’s all grist to the mill, that might bring these corrupt and unethical morons to book! My e-mail is phil@pandrews.com.


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