#walrustrial: ARNOLD OVERBOARD!

So farewell then ARNOLD “WINDY” MILLER, head of pollution control at Bristol City Council. Anyone got the foggiest idea what’s happened to him?

Windy was, of course, Mark Curtis’s boss. Curtis being the man who admitted under oath in open court that the city council’s prosecution last month of Misha Simmonite for noise pollution was due to a VENDETTA led by Lib Dem councillor, Gary “Fuckbucket” Hopkins.

There’s also some recorded evidence knocking around of Windy blithely explaining that companies shouldn’t be prosecuted if they are trying to mitigate their pollution.

A policy he’s carried out beyond the letter where Sims Metal, friends of the Merchant Venturers, in Avonmouth are concerned while he strangely overlooked it when it came to Ms Simmonite and the thousands she spent on noise mitigation at her Knowle Road property.

Why the double standards we wonder?

Anyway, Let’s hope Arnold enjoys his luxury retirement at our (and who knows who else’s?) expense.

4 thoughts on “#walrustrial: ARNOLD OVERBOARD!

  1. Peter ellis

    Pollution control officers seems to go from bad to worse. Mark Curtis clearly is under fire for his vendetta comments about councillor gary Hopkins. Now Arnold miller has left the council as the ex head of pollution control. The plot thickens and the issues continue with Avonmouth and the real likelihood of the truth coming out over the Totterdown court case. Watch this space.

  2. Brundlefly

    Have the mayor, council , councillors made any public comment at all concerning the vendetta revelation ?
    Or will they fire anyone who might know the truth about Gary hopkins and then deny everything ?

    1. thebristolblogger Post author

      No. Their strategy around corruption is always the same. They keep their heads down, say nothing, sack whistleblowers, retire off the guilty and make sure that any investigation is confidential and so long and drawn out we all forget about it. (See markets, which has been investigated with no coherent outcome for three years now)

  3. Peter ellis

    I am disgusted by the behaviour of the council. They really should be taken to task. All these top employees leaving regularly without any justification and gagging orders. The corruption in bcc is at an alarming rate. Surely the likes of the government should be watching this. Pollution control and legal services regularly are in total disarray.


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