The council run prosecution/VENDETTA against Misha Simmonite orgainsed by Gary “Fuckbucket” Hopkins has cost us council tax payers a cool £18k.

At a sentencing hearing last Wednesday council lawyers attempted to retrieve £27k in costs from Ms Simmonite only to be LAUGHED OUT OF COURT by magistrates who awarded them £9k costs instead.

That means the council tax payer has to pick the rest of this extortionate tab. These petty councillor-led vendettas are pricey aren’t they?

Council lawyers also failed to slap one of their notorious BENT ASBOS on Ms Simmonite at the hearing. An ASBO application by the council was also thrown out as it was DEEMED ILLEGAL by magistrates.

We’re told the council left the court very dejected.

2 thoughts on “#walrustrial: WE PAY FOR HOPKINS’ VENDETTA

  1. Peter ellis

    The real cost is probably a lot more than that. With the council complaining that they had used all departments over the last 2 years to secure a fine of £17.000 it’s more like £200000. Add to the likelihood of an appeal with a massive compensation claim it’s all about right for councillor Hopkins to be involved.

  2. Brundfly

    Cllr Hopkins wanted trial by water for Misha the witch. He still can’t believe the supernatural sorcery that could make a woman successful in knowle.

    It would have been much cheaper and just as fair.


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