Bristol City Council appear to have NO IDEA what to do about the ongoing occupation of 44 Richmond Terrace by housing activists supporting homeless dad, Anthony Palmer.

Today – out of the blue – £110k a year job share Housing Service Director, Mary “Contrary” Ryan, showed up at Richmond Terrace offering the occupiers, er … ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in return for leaving!

Where exactly do these overpaid, underperforming Bristol City Council management baboons get off? Does idiot Ms Contrary think she’s so bloody important and authoritative that we will simply do what she says because she’s got some poncey job title, an oversized ego and opens her mouth and makes a DAFT DEMAND?

This might work in that bent, bullying shithole she calls a workplace where her poor long-suffering staff have no choice but to implement her WANK. But is she so so deluded that she thinks anyone else in Bristol – not reliant on her for their livelihood – will take any notice of her? Or have any reason to be in the slightest bit scared of her?


Nick “Drooper” Hooper: repugnant dreg of humanity

Do Ms Contrary and her useless executive colleagues like Nick “Drooper” Hooper not understand they command ZERO RESPECT from the public and we’re not in the slightest bit afraid of these REPUGNANT PEOPLE or their soppy threats?

There’s simply no way we’re ever going to do what these tossers order. We have NO RESPECT for them. They’ve sold out our city; wrecked and destroyed our public services and spend their time fucking up our lives for huge personal gain.

These are people who force vulnerable families to live around RAW SEWAGE while their private sewagelandlord associates get signed over huge sums of public money on their authority for fucks sake. Do these MORALLY UNFIT DREGS of humanity really think we owe them anything except our undying hatred?

We suggest next time the council sends one their SHIT-FOR-BRAINS superannuated managers around to Richmond Terrace, they come with a proper offer or don’t bother.

We’re not fucking stupid. When will these overpaid wankers understand that?


  1. Caroline Hope

    Why should the homeless of Bristol be pushed out of houses by these over paid slobs when there are more uninhabited houses than there are people with no homes?

  2. Peter Lapham

    To keep councils houses empty is ‘dead money’ as is keeping homeless people in bed and breakfast accommodation, Surely it’s far better, and far sighted, to spend a bit of money bringing empty council houses back into use so as to reduce the temporary (bed and breakfast) housing bill, astronomical, cost to all. concerned.
    It stands to reason that occupied council houses generate rental income for the council whereas empty, dilapidated, houses do not..
    My suggestion to the new Mayor of Bristol is to scrap any further, costly, implementation of RPZ’s and instead concentrate on an immediate problem which affects us all.

    Yours sincerely,

    P. R. Lapham.

  3. dodger

    The irony of all this is Bristol City Council have been doing these houses up so they can sell them off. 44 Richmond Terrace had thousand of pounds spent on it just before it was sold! Looking on the bright side, at least Gus Hoyt didn’t get his hands on this property….


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