A worker that delivers to the treatment tanks at the Wessex Water plant in Avonmouth, one of which blew up today, has told The BRISTOLIAN, “Wessex Water workers there have been complaining for ages that the tanks were in disrepair but the company would not shut down the process. It will have been a methane gas explosion.”

Wessex Water is owned by Malaysian multi-national YTL who are developing the arena at Filton along with a load of unaffordable housing there. The Chief Executive of Wessex Water is Tory donor and Merchant Venturer, Colin Skellett.

YTL paid for the Reverend Rees to fly from China to Malaysia in December 2017 and stay overnight in the Ritz Carlton, Kuala Lumpur. they also paid for all his meals on the trip and a flight back to Bristol. The Reverend then set about cancelling the arena at Temple Meads and promoting an arena by YTL in Filton.

Was it worth it Marvin?


  1. Dodger

    Yeh, but this is 2020s neo-liberal Britain so the only way these Corporate cunts will talk is if they get legal immunity (Grenfell Tower) or it will be the classic 10 year inquiry so they don’t have to comment on it and can cover their tracks in the meantime.

    Oh, for the simple days of the 1970s….. pasta, Comrade P38 and class justice.


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