HR meeting
“The best HR Committee meeting in years”

With the election safely over and the Reverend Rees restored to his rickety pulpit held together with gaffer tape and the prayers of his best friends, including Bristol City Council Chief Exec Mike “Billie Jean” Jackson and Monitoring Officer, “L’il” Tim O’Gara, it’s time to get down to the serious business of governing Bristol.

And the first item on the agenda? Is, er, getting a couple of gullible council managers to sue the Reverend’s chief political critics, Councillor Gary “Meathead” Hopkins and Councillor Richard “Bunter” Eddy for defamation!

It’s been alleged in the Nazi Post that our dear old friend, the council’s useless pillock of a Director of Workforce, John “Bedwetter” Walsh, and his latest dimwitted sidekick, Facilties boss David Martin “Bore-mann”, have “served [Bunter and Meathead] with a defamation claim demanding a retraction, public apology and damages”!

This appears to be in relation to comments Meathead and Bunter made at at a Human Resources Committee Meeting on February 18 and reported in The BRISTOLIAN at the time.

In response to ludicrous claims from Walsh and Martin that cleaning and security staff that they had formally consulted were entirely in favour of being outsourced to Bristol Waste from Bristol City Council, Bunter replied that the bosses’ comments were “worthy of Dr Goebbels and the Third Reich.”

Meathead also frankly responded to Walsh and Martin’s unevidenced claims with “I don’t believe a word of what’s been presented to us by the management side.”

Get on standby, then, for the trial of century as two idiot council managers attempt to sue two councillors for making fair comment on the basis of the evidence presented to them.

On the one hand there was ZERO evidence presented by Walsh and Martin to back their claims. On the other there were TWO trade union written statements that the staff involved were deeply unhappy with the management outsourcing proposals.

What will M’Lud make of it all? 


  1. Waster

    This story appears to of turned into one about four wealthy men, five if you include the mayor.
    Then maybe more well paid types from the legal fraternaty.
    As for the abused working classes whose stories should be in the news. Those until just resently were praised and named as essential workers. Well, it looks like the mayors just cancelled them.

    1. thebristolblogger Post author

      The workers have now been transferred to Bristol Waste. It was agreed by the Labour Cabinet in March, just before the election. All we are left with is an expensive row about Josef Goebbels.

  2. Human being

    Here we go- a further example of what’s to come.
    Today saw the planned eviction of a travellers site on Glenfrome Rd, Eastville. When I say planned I mean in so much as police, baliffs and crane where organised to remove people and vans from land that West & Wales Utilities say they want to use.
    So what provisions where planned for these people, including children ?
    Councillors for Eastville Marley Bennett and Lorraine Francis both failed to do anything nor say anything. Well then Green Party leader Paula O’Rouke ? Nothing. So then surely Helen Goodwin must of stuck up for families, homes and children ! She must of had a plan in place to ensure the provision for these vunerable people on this wet and windy day. Nothing. No alternative site lined up. No hot meals ready for those evicted forcibly. No care from this Labour Party politician. Not present at the scene, nothing. Not a word. What from the mayor who’s well versed in issues concerning oppressed minorities & equality? HE WENT TO THE PRESS- SCOOTERS STAY


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