Rather than reinforcing the lost Labour majority in the council democratically by reaching agreement with the rising Greens, Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees has doubled down on his already well-developed autocratic tendencies.

Encouraged by the authoritarian nature of the office he holds and the support of “even-higher in the firmament” despot Dan Norris as West of England Regional Mayor, Reverend Rees has instead surrounded himself with a personally selected cabinet of sycophantic courtiers. All eager to pretend to the deluded but fragile-as-glass messianic emperor that he’s fully clothed.

Alas, to complete the “choir of angels” required around the celestial centre, the steady drip-feed of sufficiently pliable self-seekers and arse-lickers was wearing thin on the ground, even for the Bristol Labour Party.

So please step forward Tom “Plasticene Man” Renhard to fill the gap. The pliant New Labour councillor for Horfield – a former nobody known only for his ambition and compulsive brown-nosing of anyone in the party he saw as useful for advancing his political career.

Greasy pole-dancer Renhard started from humble beginnings as the mere obedient secretary to Cllr Brenda “Commissar” Massey’s chairing of Horfield Branch Labour Party. He then proceeded to ingratiate himself with Bristol North-West’s Blairite MP Darren “Dipshit” Jones, before – most recently – sniffing out the Reverend Rees himself by providing “indispensable” services during the Mayor’s re-election campaign in April. As a direct consequence, he’s been elevated into the latter’s key cabinet post of Director of Housing.

Plasticene Man’s been catapulted into the office previously occupied by someone with at least a minimum of experience and credibility – Paul “Wolfie” Smith. His qualifications and talents for this are, according to Bristolians who’ve had the misfortune of working with the Play-Doh chameleon or who’ve been forced to rely on him for any competent undertaking – no matter how small – completely and utterly absent. It would appear therefore that the sole reason for Renhard’s selection as Marvin’s right-hand man in the cabinet is due to the elasticity of his composition.

Eager to be all things to all people and thereby to increase his profile and visibility among the gullible, Tom Renhard has been sliming around the Labour Party and the Co-op Party for some time. Not to mention the “tenants union”/community organisation ACORN, who are currently thrilled to laud him as the hero of their forlorn hope to acquire influence in Shitty Hall. So on the face of it, at least in The Reverend’s eyes, Plasticene Man is the perfect man for the job.

What could possibly go wrong?

3 thoughts on ““LET US PRAY TOGETHER, TOM.”

  1. Basturd Watch

    Marvin has no empathy. Neither is there any motivation to care. He’s said himself, he’ll not stand for a third time as the biggest turd in shitty hall.

    Marvin’s vision of a city in the 21st century is to not give a toss about anything other than his ego.

    Although Marvin got the most, more people DIDN’T vote for this selfish moron.

    Any politico who doesn’t care for the most vunerable should be held in the enmity they deserve.

    Not caring for SEND children or their parents is one example.
    Another is not standing up for diverse communities, from those warehoused in multistory tower blocks like flies stuck to fly paper. Stranded by broken lifts, drug dealers & class A pollution & poverty. To van dwellers being beaten, bitten & kicked across the city.

    Who does Marvin condem ? Not the thugs or their sadistic bosses.
    Neither does Marvin call on PCC Mark Shelford to get his fucking finger out & put a stop to this police brutality.

    Secretive bully Marvin is happy for the violence to escalate
    & fuck the poor.

  2. B W

    A little off topic but none the less the question needs asking.
    How will man trained to react with gross violence, Mark Shelford, react to people partying and celebrating this summer Solstice ?

    And so on a greater scale – it’s looking increasingly likely prime sinister capitalist Johnson will extend the repression of people’s freedom with the use of the tyrannical Covid laws.
    Until the recent new legislation, that led to Kill the Bill protests, comes into force – which it’ll then do quite literally (use of force).

    Therefore call me a cynic but I think the tory tyrannt has taken this oppotunity to attempt to outlaw Solstice at Stonehenge once again.

    Anyone would think Johnson didn’t want us to have a reminding taster of fun.
    The type that can only be enjoyed with the heady experience of free will, of people living their own lives their way!
    Johnson, it appears, fears people might enjoy it and demand more of the same.
    Who knew ?

  3. Anthem

    Thatcher decided to decimate whole communities. By closing down mines without creating alternative sources of income for the miners and ther families.

    Johnson’s planned destruction is about to be far worse. Even more will be left homeless and without an income.

    What will bully-boy boxer Marvin do ?
    Will he lead the fight back ? Will he act like a leader from a socialist party ? Act in a manner that would make Keir Hardy proud he formed the party all those years ago?
    Will he lead Bristol in opposing further lockdowns ?
    Will he fuck !


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