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A bizarre and disturbing case unfolds at the Employment Tribunal involving the Reverend Rees, Colin “Head Boy” Molton and the council’s HR senior management nutters – presumably taking some time off from being racist? – John “Bedwetter” Walsh and Mark “Bashar” Williams.

The case involves 122 detriments to a whistleblower at Bristol City Council and there’s even a walk-on part for the Bristolian’s evil twin Twitter account, the ungovernable  @bristol_citizen.

From what we’ve learned so far and we’re promised much more from the union involved, IWW Bristol, it seems Bashar and Bedwetter cooked up a cunning plan back in 2018, with the help of the Reverend, to fire the notorious Markets whistleblower from 2012 (Bristolian passim).

This is a whistleblower against whom Bashar Williams has long conducted a dirty whispering campaign in the corridors of the Counts Louse. A campaign that’s attempted to blame the whistleblower for the council’s failure in their duty of care towards council Facilities Service Manager, Tony Harvey, who killed himself in 2013. Directly after Harvey’s crude efforts to cover-up a major financial scandal in his Markets Service with the help and support of Bashar Williams and many other senior bosses started to fall apart.

According to the Employment Tribunal, the whistleblower had made TWENTY-TWO allegations that ‘relate to financial matters and alleged fraud relating to the first respondent’s market licence fees’.

The  vehicle selected by the Bashar and Bedwetter to carry out their dastardly attack plan on this whistleblower was the creation of a bespoke allegation that the worker had shared – with a Bristol Waste trade union rep – ‘confidential’ council information that, er, was in the public domain!.

Their plan was assisted by Rees who handed his HR bosses confidential Bristol Labour Party and trade union information directly from his personal Facebook account. An action that resulted in the closure in 2018 of the local Labour Campaign Forum private Facebook page for members when it became apparent that personal and political information on there was no longer secure and was being shared with bosses at Bristol City Council and any passing Toryboy consultant in a pinstripe suit.

To further ensure the success of their brilliant plan, the Bedwetter personally hired – at great expense to us – ‘Mr Greaves’. a self-styled expert consultant who also happened to be an old local authority jobbing interim mate of Bedwetter’s. Mr Geaves, our union sources tell us, was “basically a posh twat in pin stripe suit who was thick as shit”.

Within a week of suspending the worker, HR’s ramshackle disciplinary house of cards inevitably collapsed with the revelation that the alleged ‘confidential information’ wasn’t in the slightest bit confidential having been released by the council themselves months earlier.

The hapless HR management team, including a clown on a generous day rate paid by council taxpayers, then started scratching around for some new allegations to nail their man. TWELVE allegations were variously tabled and hastily withdrawn over the next SIX MONTHS. Even including a desperate claim that the worker was running the  @bristol_citizen Twitter account!

The worker eventually took out a grievance, possibly for humanitarian reasons, to end this Human Resources car crash and to try and resolve the embarrassing symptoms of mental decay on open display from a pair of barking senior council HR directors intent on firing someone for no reason other than that the mayor had apparently told them to.

The council responded to the grievance by wheeling out their top gun – the second highest paid council boss in the country – Colin “Head Boy” Molton. Who, it appears, hired another expensive consultant to investigate the work of the first consultant. 

The outcome of this investigation is shrouded in mystery as Head Boy scarpered from the scene of his crime very quickly never to be heard from again. In the process failing to do any of the things he had advised himself to do, in his own report, to sort out his senior HR colleagues’ sorry mess..

The next act of this very Bristol City Council farce played out at a bizarre disciplinary hearing chaired by our dear old friend “Lil” Tim O’Gara. He was hurriedly shunted in to oversee proceedings after Bedwetter discovered he wasn’t allowed to hire a posh twit; hand him a weird dossier of drivel off the internet compiled by Bashar Williams; feed his pet twit a load of completely mental evidence-free allegations about a member of council staff and then chair the subsequent hearing to judge the merits of his own deranged crap.

In fact, in a highly original and unprecedented move, no one from HR turned up at all at their own disciplinary hearing to present any kind of case against the member of staff they had suspended for eight months and had,  ‘independently’ investigated at great expense. Could this by any chance be related to the fact that the Reverend and Head Boy Molton might have had to appear to explain what the fuck they had been up to if a proper hearing was held? 

What if any of the big swinging dicks at the top of the council had said the wrong thing and accidentally implicated each other in their fast unravelling dimwitted conspiracy? Suddenly, with the risk of funny little wriggly appendages being exposed at the top, the hearing was a very quick case of ‘allegations unfounded’ – ‘case dismissed’.

We reckon the cost of this pointless little escapade in targeting a whistleblower trying to protect your money from bent council bosses – if you add up whopping payments to various consultants, the wages paid to the member of staff to sit at home for eight months and the staff time – could easily hit six figures.

What for? An expensive game for the pleasure of a pisspoor mayor? A Bashar Williams’ revenge fantasy acted out on a member of recalcitrant staff? A palliative for Bedwetter’s prominent mental health conditions?

Have they nothing else to do at their City Hall?



3 thoughts on “MAD MEN

  1. Comments on rees and his secretive uncaring bullying collection of over fed out of touch greedy self gratifying abusers.

    This bunch of filthy scumbags are earning themselves a reputation for failing to run the city in a caring and competent manner.

    Rees and his evil cabal manage an institutionally racist administration. Cleaners and security staff are moved towards a gig economy with Bristol Waste(rs).

    Not stopping there these bastards continue to terrorise low income workers not even slogging for the council.

    Until only a week ago anyone required to drive through the city centre as part of their job had been told they’d be charged for their trouble, if they were unable to afford a newer vehicle.

    Gig economey workers such as delivery drivers would have to pay a tenner a day just to try and scrape a living.
    Did the inconciderate out of touch Rees care ? No and nor did his advisors. They held another consultation then told Bristolians to pay up . Happily gobbing off to the press about the details for months.
    After whipping up fear and hystiria, with only 4 months to go, attempted to make out they care by changing the date.

  2. Knowlege is Power

    Look out for the new kids on the block – money grabbers aka left cheek of the dirty poop shoots – once described as the Labour Party.
    Now they join the next scam. Reported as The Green New Deal.

    Have you noticed the increase in food prices ? Shortly to be followed by a huge price rise in the cost of electricity? Look out for rolling blackouts. Have you heard the campaign against this ? Lead by Bristol Labour MPs ? Or the City Mayor ? He who came from an impoverished background ? No ? That’s because they all buy into the Green New Deal. Not one will question the global climate emergency scam. Constant onslaught from BBC and main stream media. Not encouged to think for yourself. Start your own research here –
    Beware of the next fuck up from Mayor Rees and poisonous solar pannels. Payed for by us.
    No computer models.

  3. Tales of Unrest

    So is Bristol transitioning from Bad Cops to Unlistening Spy Mayors ?

    Marvin has stated he wants no unduly negative messages to appear on his Twitter account
    Despite it being monitored by a PR company named Impact Social who are paid £100 000 of tax payers money.
    Yet SEND children struggle due to Marvin’s constant squandering and underfunding.

    Obviously Marvin doesn’t want his delusions of grandure disturbed by hearing news of problems from the public.

    ‘It’s for the mayor’s office staff, my business and university mates only’ Marvin is believed to of groaned.

    So true to form, bully boy Marvin panders to his own ego.
    Yet again not protecting the vunerable – in this particular case – courageous whistle blowers.


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