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‘Bean Counter’

Councillor Geoff Gollop, ink and coloured pencils, 2013, Paul Saville

Councillor Geoff Gollop, ink and coloured pencils, 2013, Paul Saville

Another impressive email submission to the BRISTOLIAN Gallery from noted Mayor-bothering chalk-waver Paul Saville – this time getting to grips with the lithe physicality of Tory councillor and chartered accountant Geoff Gollop.

Today, I’ve been mostly drawing Geoff ‘Gollum’ Gallop. He’s Westbury-on-trym councillor and also serves on George redtrousers cabinet, with the very important job of BEAN COUNTER.

Anyway, have attached it. This is not to be entered for the ‘Bristolian meat draw’ but would be great to be added to the Bristolian Gallery. It’s pretty hi res photo of my drawing, taken with a friends SLR, so hope its ok for you (probably sent it massive)

Have a good weekend and keep up the good work as always.

Many thanks, Paul!

Any other aspiring arty types out there feel free to submit your masterpieces via the usual channels


Junket Janke

Councillor Barbara Janke, watercolours, 2013, @guriben

Councillor Barbara Janke, watercolours, 2013, @guriben

Another fine portrait from @guriben, who is fast becoming our artist-in-residence, this time capturing the dizzying political wizardry of former Leader of the Council, Lib Dem Barbara Janke.



‘I’ve Listened Now Fuck Off OK?’

Mayor George Ferguson, pencils, 2013, Paul Saville

Mayor George Ferguson, pencils, 2013, Paul Saville

Another email submitted rendering of our esteemed MILLIONAIRE MAYOR, this time from Paul Saville, who writes:

Hi there, I would like to enter my two drawings into the Bristolian meat draw. My drawings have taken me a lot of time and effort, and I have tried to get the likeness as close as possible. I have gone for ‘Gus Hoyt & Rob Telford’ who are ashley councillors in Bristol. I have also done a drawing of George ‘Eff off’ Ferguson telling anyone in his vicinity that ‘he has listened, now fuck off ok?’

Fingers crossed and if I win, I’ll be donating the meat to a charity auction, to raise funds for knowle west media centre (I don’t eat meat) Even if I don’t win, it would be great to see my images put up on the drawing section. I especially like Durston Fletchers drawing of Gary Hopkins and I think it is of great likeness.

Keep up the good work,

Paul ‘eff off’ Saville.

Cheers Paul – and your other pictures will follow soon.


Local Taxi Driver

Councillor Gary Hopkins, ink, 2013, Durston Fletcher

Councillor Gary Hopkins, ink, 2013, Durston Fletcher

Our artistic odyssey continues, with Popular Local Radio DJ (it says here) From Bristol With Love‘s very own Durston Fletcher submitting this bold entry into our Best Gary Hopkins Portrait Meat Raffle competition.

Durston has been very busy of late thanks to a burgeoning feud between him and Bristol & Bumpkinshire Chief Constable Nick Gargan (see The BRISTOLIAN #4.7, out this week!), so big BRISTOLIAN thanks to him for taking time out of his busy arch-nemesissing schedule to make beautiful images for us.