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Bad news for the snooty twats of BBC Radio Bristol up in leafy Clifton. The BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit has concluded that their hilarious ‘joke’ song ‘Hartcliffe Lass’, broadcast by Tory public schoolboy twerp James “Posh Cunt” Hanson on his shite radio show in March was a “SIGNIFICANT BREACH OF THE BBC’S EDITORIAL STANDARDS”.

This follows months of denial from Posh Cunt and his snooty Radio Bristol station boss, “Gymkhana” Jess Rudkin. Both claimed the song, which characterised young women in Hartcliffe as slags up for a bit of dogging and incest, was ABSOLUTELY FINE. Indeed, these entitled twats, who don’t seem to understand or care about their own editorial guidelines, began their defence by thoughtfully broadcasting to anybody objecting to their representation of working class Bristolians that they needed “TO GET OVER IT”.

However, when people chose not to, er, “get over it”, thicko station boss, “Gymkhana” Jess wrote out gormlessly explaining that “SOME PEOPLE FIND SOME THINGS FUNNY, SOME PEOPLE FIND THEM OFFENSIVE”. An explanation so vacuous and insipid it could be used to justify rape gags and race gags. Is this good enough from an arbiter of taste and standards on the public payroll?

At this point, presumably, to save the BBC from further embarrassment, “Gymkhana” Jess was sidelined and a new crew – “SENIOR STAFF IN BBC ENGLISH REGIONS” – took over to deal with mounting objections to Jess’s shit song and her shit excuses for it. This new lot of well-heeled BBC bosses first claimed that Hartcliffe was “A FICTIONAL SETTING” and therefore no offence could have been caused. Then they claimed that complainants’ views were “EXTREME“. Thus pitching Posh Cunt’s public schoolboy misogyny as some sort of normal, mainstream attitude suitable for broadcast on daytime BBC radio with no explanation or apology.

Insulted complainants, sick of the lies and bullshit emanating from local BBC management, passed the matter to the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit who have admitted what most people already knew. THAT THE SONG BREACHED THE BBC’S EDITORIAL GUIDELINES and complainants had been subjected to a load arse-covering bullshit from inadequate local BBC bosses deliberately overlooking their own editorial guidelines. Although the person ultimately responsible for this dubious conduct, “Gymkhana” Jess, seems to have received NO SANCTION WHATSOEVER.

We suggest that both her and Posh Cunt are forced to quit the BBC and give up the generous pay and benefits. Then they can fuck off into YouTube obscurity with all the other nutters in the small corner of the internet reserved for their brand of reactionary, misogynistic right wing shit.



It’s all going fabulously tits-up at BBC Radio Bristol at the moment. The local station, widely acknowledged as a publicly funded job creation scheme for POSH THICKOES, is currently run by the extraordinarily dim “Gymkhana” Jess Rudkin.

Now, the failing station’s failing golden boy ‘star’ DJ, James “Posh Cunt” Hanson – personally appointed by Gymkhana Jess – may have finally marched our embarrassing BBC local radio station into full ALAN PARTRIDGE TERRITORY. This follows the broadcast of a ‘hilarious’ self-penned ‘parody’ song by Posh Cunt characterising women in Hartcliffe as a bunch of SLAGS up for a bit of DOGGING and INCEST!

Hanson learned his, er, streetwise chops at  £25k a year CLIFTON COLLEGE, one of the country’s leading public schools for boys, followed by five years of unpaid internships at various shite radio stations around the country as well as an unpaid stint with fellow TORY PUBLIC SCHOOL TWAT, Charlotte Leslie when she was MP for Bristol North West.

Unsurprisingly, the wealthy Tory trust fund twit’s dirty little anti-woman ditty didn’t go down well in south Bristol when he broadcast it on his Saturday show on 9 March. Neither did his REFUSAL TO APOLOGISE to women south of the city on his show on Saturday 16 March. Instead the entitled little shit sneered that women just needed “TO GET OVER IT“.

Posh Cunt has now been officially DISAPPEARED by the BBC for a few weeks while his boss and biggest and, quite possibly, only fan “Gymkhana” Jess deals with a mountain of COMPLAINTS about their hilarious gag. So far, Gymkhana Jess has largely spent her time explaining Posh Cunt’s also got a character called ‘Sebastian the Stokes Croft hipster’. This somehow makes sexually DEROGATORY REMARKS by a young entitled man towards women perfectly all right then.

Jess’s also whining to anybody daft enough to listen to her drivel about the “unpleasant online discussions” her and Posh Cunt’s DEEPLY UNPLEASANT GAG generated. Presumably on the basis that these over-privileged twats can broadcast what the fuck they like about us but we must be ever so respectful towards them because they went to the right school?

Do the loons at Radio Bristol think Bristol is some sort of feudal system where the peasants are obliged to show a bunch of witless public school arseholes and their reactionary views respect?


Although the Reverend Rees and his hapless Cabinet sidekick Asher “Close-It” Craig haven’t officially announced it yet, Bristol City Council’s housing office and Citizen Service Point, Symes House, in Hartcliffe will be CLOSING on 31 March 2017.

Councillors actually voted that things like libraries, Citizen Service Points and neighbourhood partnerships would close or be wound down over the NEXT TWO YEARS. So closing the Hartcliffe office immediately doesn’t seem in the spirit of the plan.

Especially as Councillor Close-It had told both BBC Radio Bristol on 17 February and residents at a well-attended Mayoral event held at the Withywood Centre on 9 March that there would be a CONVERSATION with the local community partnership before anything happened

Councillor Close-It had even mentioned that the popular Citizen Service Point could be incorporated into the library situated in the @Symes building next door. Although efforts to contact Councillor Close-It to start that conversation have failed as she’s NOT RETURNING CALLS!

The Reverend’s cuts consultation last year provoked an impressive response from the local community in Hartcliffe. More people took part in the BS13 area than most other areas in Bristol. There was also a community petition with over 1,400 signatures asking the mayor NOT to cut services in one of the most deprived areas in Bristol.

Many people in Hartcliffe now say they feel BETRAYED by the Reverend and Councillor Close-It as they clearly haven’t lived up to the undertaking they had given to people. Instead, council bosses have been given FREE REIN to do what the hell they feel like in Hartcliffe and shut down the office without an exit strategy, a long term plan or, even, an explanation.

Another Rees policy delivery shambles.


The semi-retired old farts running BBC Radio Bristol seem rather CONFUSED about Marvin “The Reverend” Rees’s role in events at 44 Richmond Terrace.

After interviewing one of the occupiers of the house, Carl Mann, this morning on the radio, the station’s website blustered, “[Carl] was due to be evicted last week but the action was called off following an INTERVENTION understood to be from the mayor.”

Er, who the fuck “understood” any intervention took place from the mayor?

It’s pure BOLLOCKS. A glance at the eviction order the mayor – yes, the mayor – served on the occupants of 44 Richmond Terrace yesterday reveals the TRUTH in a statement from Malcolm Paul, a solicitor in the mayor’s – yes, the mayor’s – legal department:

“Having worked closely with the police for an eviction on Thursday 12 May 2016, my instructing officer was informed that night, that the police declined to execute their powers.”

In other words the eviction was called off after the police REFUSED to arrest the occupiers – who they regarded as political protestors not squatters – not because the Reverend Rees intervened.

How has the BBC managed to get these simple facts so HOPELESSLY MANGLED? And why haven’t they asked The Reverend the obvious question if they believe he stopped an eviction last Thursday:

“Why the fuck did you start another eviction on Tuesday then?”


Boomeco cab paper (pulled)

Cabinet paper from George Ferguson’s ‘Forward Plan’ pulled from the council’s website just days before Ferguson claimed to have “no knowledge” of any plans to award polluters Boomeco any contracts.

By Stephen Norman

Today I had the opportunity to speak with George Ferguson live on a BBC Radio Bristol phone-in.

Once again I see that he is off on a jolly boys self-promotion tour. This time to Bordeaux at the expense, I assume, of the tax payer. During the course of this phone-in he was asked about the Avonmouth group legal action.

He stated it was nothing to do with him and there was only “a few people” involved. When challenged on this statement and how he had come to this conclusion, Ferguson called me “a loudmouth” and then rattled off a few names of Avonmouth residents who he believes are involved in the Avonmouth group action.

So not only is George a narcissistic nutcase but it would appear he is some sort of mystic who can see the future, which in George’s world seems to be fuck knows what.

George then went on to claim, “Only a few weeks ago I was in Avonmouth speaking with the Avonmouth Community Association and they are happy with the things that are being done.”

“But who the hell are Avonmouth Community Association? Nobody’s ever heard of them. There’s an organisation – Avonmouth Community Centre Association – with only THREE trustees that runs a community centre. Why are their views suddenly important?

I will now state again what I said to George Ferguson on the radio: YOU ARE A LIAR AND YOU SHOULD FIND A TYPEWRITER AND WRITE YOUR RESIGNATION.

I’m also happy to add to this statement:  you are not only a LIAR but nothing more than a cheap CON MAN.

When Ferguson opened the wind farm in Avonmouth with his little gang of fake green hangers-on, he is on video tape stating that he had no knowledge of any contracts with the serial polluter BOOMECO and that the buck stops with him.

There were witnesses present when he made this statement. Six weeks after the statement, Boomeco were awarded a six figure contract.

George Ferguson I will say it again:


I also extend to you, personally, the opportunity to SUE ME if this is not the case. You are a man with NO HONOUR and NO SHAME.  Unlike you I AM PREPARED TO STAND BY WHAT I HAVE SAID.

Address For Service Of Court Papers:

Mr Stephen Norman
15 Antona Court
Antona Drive
Bristol BS11 9RL


Web ExclusiveIt was can’t-tell-the-truth bingo on BBC Radio Bristol this morning, as HorseWorld’s MD, the ever incompetent Mark ‘Not That One’ Owen, was interviewed on the Breakfast Show by Steve Le Fevre.

HorseWorld M.D. Mark Owen: management skills of the back end of a panto horse

HorseWorld M.D. Mark Owen: management skills of the back end of a panto horse

Pinocchiowen had taken to the airwaves to lament his regime’s FAILURE at yesterday’s Bath & North East Somerset Council planning meeting to secure permission to raze the horse charity’s land in Whitchurch in order that a bunch of houses that local people couldn’t afford could be built there.

And despite some direct questions from Le Fevre, the troubled charity boss just didn’t seem able to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…

Here’s the link to the show on BBC iPlayer – it’s at 1h 52min; or here’s a link to just the interview.

And in case we’ve not made it easy enough for you with that, here’s the full transcript:

Steve Le Fevre: Now let’s talk more about HorseWorld. It’s one of the area’s best known animal charities, it’s been told it can’t redevelop on its base in green belt land on the edge of the city, it wants to build a new visitors’ centre at its complex in Whitchurch, and build more than a hundred homes on its land to help pay for the project.

And Mark Owen is the Managing Director of HorseWorld, and joins us just now… Hello Mark…

Mark Owen: Morning Steve, how are you?

Steve Le Fevre: So this turn down, a major blow for your finances?

Mark Owen: It’s certainly very disappointing, you know I wake up this morning slightly shell-shocked by what’s happened there. We had some extremely exciting, well thought-through, meticulously planned application for a much more exciting and sustainable future, which had the support of the case officer, had the support of BANES’ own transport experts, it had the support of an independent business consultant, which verified the business plan.

So we went into this meeting with all the technicalities ticked, and all of the important information supported by BANES. Yet they voted against it.

Steve Le Fevre: There was a lot of opposition though Mark, as well, wasn’t there?

Mark Owen: There’s more support than opposition on the actual BANES website. Yes, Save Our Green Spaces have an opposition about building in green belt in general, but actually if you look at the facts, there is more support for what we are doing than against…

Steve Le Fevre: Well, you have opposition from Whitchurch Parish Council, Compton Dando Parish Council, Whitchurch Village Action Group, Bristol City Council…

Mark Owen: No, no, no… There is no objection from Whitchurch Parish Council. They’ve actually accepted the very special conditions.

Steve Le Fevre: Must be our mistake, then, we had an objection from them. My apologies if that’s not the case. Let me talk to – stay with us, and we’ll talk to Dr Mary Walsh from Whitchurch Village Action Group. Hello Mary…

Mary Walsh: Hello!

Steve Le Fevre: What are you against necessarily – it sounded like a great tourist attraction for the area…

Mary Walsh: I have a very bad line – can you repeat?

Steve Le Fevre: What are your objections to this?

Mary Walsh: My only objections, and Mr Owen will know, all along, everything between us has been…

Steve Le Fevre: Well just tell us!

Mary Walsh: We want to save our green spaces. Whitchurch depends on our green belt, as a village. We have very little left – there’s only 13% green belt in the country, and unfortunately BANES have 3/4 of that 13%.

Steve Le Fevre: Alright, and that is the point, Mark, really trying to build on the green belt and then put the houses on your land – just the topography that’s the problem?

Mark Owen: Well there’s a certain irony about this because with this BANES have recently – and I mean as recent as the 19th November – have promoted HorseWorld’s land as the most likely area of land within the Whitchurch village to be…

Steve Le Fevre: But what about the land you’re hoping to go to with your visitor centre and your arena and so forth?

Mark Owen: Yes, we’ve got two parts of our site, the most contentious part is where the houses are being built, and that’s where 95% of the discussion last night was on, and on that part, this is where BANES have earmarked as the most likely area to be brought out from the green belt, and there is a Core Strategy initiative to bring two hundred houses to the Whitchurch village.

A certain irony where they support our land as the most likely for housing.

Steve Le Fevre: Right, well we’ve, we can’t go on too long on this, but just on the finances themselves, just a text that’s come in from J in Bristol, ‘please ask HorseWorld how much charity cash they’ve blown on a naïve, ill-judged plan, a betrayal of donors and legacies…’ Is that a fair point?

Mark Owen: Of course there’s a concern about, you know, going into applications, planning applications, it’s an expensive thing. But what I would like to say is, what if we don’t do, you know, the sustainable future of a sixty year old charity will not be there unless take these plans. The current centre is unviable, it’s land-locked, it’s too small, and it needs investment.

Steve Le Fevre: Alright, we’ll have to leave it there, Mark – thank you very much indeed. Mark Owen, Managing Director of HorseWorld, Mary Walsh you heard as well from Whitchurch Village Action Group.

Just in case you were starting to believe Mr Owen’s fanciful claims, here it is in black and white, from the BANES ‘reports pack’ (entitled ‘20112013 1400 Development Control Committee.pdf’) accompanying yesterday’s Development Control Committee meeting:

To date 38 individual objections letters and 46 letters of support have been received in respect of application 13/02164/OUT for the proposed residential development. 567 identical objection letters have been submitted from local residents through Whitchurch Village Action Group. 8 objections letters and 64 letters of support have been received in respect of application 13/02180/FUL for the proposed Visitors Centre application. 2 Objection letters were received in respect of Listed Building application 13/02121/LBA.

(The same, identical summary of consultations/representations appeared in last month’s reports pack as well, then labelled as  ‘23102013 1400 Development Control Committee.pdf’.)

Allow your super soarway BRISTOLIAN guide you through the VERY TRICKY SUMS which Owen clearly has trouble with…

  • Objections: 38 + 567 + 8 + 2 = 615
  • In support: 46 + 64 = 110

(And as we have previously noted, those 110 notes of support actually break down into 108 notes from 72 people.)

For the record, Steve, when you said “you have opposition from Whitchurch Parish Council” you were correct in that Whitchurch PC had recorded official objections to the plans in both the above mentioned reports packs. The full text:

WHITCHURCH PARISH COUNCIL – OBJECT for the following reasons:-

1. A lack of confirmation from the Inspector regarding B&NES Council Core Strategy housing numbers for Whitchurch Village.

2. Whitchurch Parish Council believes that the protection of the existing Green Belt is of paramount importance in order that the Village protects its traditions, culture and sense of community which has been built and retained over many years. The majority of the land in these applications is in the Green Belt.

3. The Plan for traffic is flawed. In the Traffic Assessment 4.10 it states that ‘the proposed development is unlikely to have any impact on the existing traffic flows or the operation of the narrowest sections of Sleep Lane’. We believe the projection of traffic is inadequate and that Sleep Lane will be greatly affected by the increase in traffic from the developments together with the junction with Woollard Lane, Staunton Lane and the A37. Therefore given the current constraints with regards to the layout of Sleep Lane, any increased demand to use this route as a result of development is unacceptable.

4. Whilst we are sympathetic to HorseWorlds ‘Special Circumstances’ we do not believe that they outweigh the potential harm to the Green Belt as explained in Section 9 of the NPPF and the fact that the developments will have a detrimental effect on the safety and operation of the public highways in the area.


In view of the recent meeting between Horseworld, BANES & Whitchurch Parish Council we continue to have reservations about the inevitable increased traffic flows notably the two-way system in Sleep Lane and the potential bottlenecks created at the junction of Woollard Lane/Sleep Lane and Woollard Lane/A37.

We wish to record our continuing stance that the existing Green Belt should not be developed. However given the lack of clarity surrounding the number of houses Whitchurch Village is expected to take on, BANES Core Strategy, and the developing scenario with other housing developments we feel that we should record our thoughts as follows.

In the event that BANES Core Strategy is ratified by the Planning Inspector at a level of 200, we would not object to the Horseword application of 125 houses subject to the following conditions:

1) Strict implementation of the traffic controls proposed by Horseworld and agreed by BANES Transport/Highways.
2) Support for the revised traffic proposals by BANES
3) Absolute and irrevocable refusal of any other housing development that would exceed the 200 or lower figure agreed between BANES and Planning Inspector.
4) We acknowledge the special circumstances put forward by Horseworld.

Claiming that very measured statement from Whitchurch as outright support shows that Owen is not just wild for the old pork pies, but apparently SELF-DELUSIONAL as well!

Even the Bristol Post has seen through his wishful thinking and corrected its latest story to more accurately reflect the balance of public opinion over the HorseWorld plans after The BRISTOLIAN politely drew the attention of the journalist assigned – amusingly a crime reporter – to the actual recorded numbers of 615 against and 110 for.

So Mark: seek treatment. Not just for your sake, but for the charity you’re running into the ground.