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Scary monsters: #1 The ghost of racism

Desperation | Altercation | Emancipation | Realisation | Frustration.

Ignorance is not bliss but as children we played together blissfully. One day we became frightened, some one said that some of our friends were bad and we should not like them. A new influence of fear had infiltrated our world.

We live in a world of beautiful complexity; nothing was black and white only the TV with its continual negative broadcasts. If it was not political polarisation it was now acceptable to make racism a joke.

Despite all our efforts to undo the damage done the ghost still haunts us. See how he forced his way into this text.

The Ghost is is not of this world he has no material content. The ghost does not talk of race. Black is not a race white is not a race. The strength of the ghost is how he torments us, making us continually reassess how we should deal with him.

Now is the time to Exorcise the ghost.