• Is your boss, manager or landlord a TOTAL WANKER?
  • Is your job being AXED by some ‘OUTSOURCING’ or ‘RESTRUCTURINGSCAM?
  • Are you witness to ABUSE, NEGLIGENCE, and/or CORRUPTION in the workplace, or in the place where you live?
  • Is your employer or landlord RIPPING THE ARSE out of your labour or rent to make HUGE PROFITS AT YOUR EXPENSE?
  • Do you ever get the feeling that the ‘work’ your bosses gave you is a BULLSHIT JOB, either to BOOST THEIR EGOS, or make the company appear to be ‘doing something useful’?
  • Have you been threatened with EVICTION simply because your landlord CAN’T BE ARSED DOING ESSENTIAL REPAIRS, or even OBEYING HOUSING LAW?
  • Do you have to service events or meetings held by Bristol’s loathsome MERCHANT VENTURERS, and if so, what can you tell us about them?
  • Have you ever been PERSECUTED, THREATENED or BULLIED at work, in an attempt to prevent your RIGHT TO UNIONISE?

If so, we at The BRISTOLIAN want to hear about it. We GUARANTEE that whatever crap you want to spill against your bosses, landlord, job or workplace will get FULL EXPOSURE, giving you TOTAL ANONYMITY and TOTAL PROTECTION from the consequences. Just send us the dirt!

Whether it’s anything from shitty ZERO HOURS minimum wage shifts to offloading TOXIC WASTE at Avonmouth, from the unpaid work they pile on you as ‘part of the job’ to the dirty tricks they expect TOSSER ‘health professionals’ to perform as they SIGN-OFF THE DISABLED, from your SLUM LANDLORD to the SCUM RENTING AGENCY he works with, or from your manager’s SLEAZY HARASSMENT of female staff to BAE’s complicity with WAR CRIMES BY SAUDI ARABIA, we want to hear about it.

So if you want to FUCK YOUR EMPLOYER or LANDLORD OVER, write to (email) or leave a message on (phone) because The BRISTOLIAN ALWAYS publishes and be damned – and WE DON’T GIVE A SHIT about law suits, threats or anything else. We never have and never will.

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