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Greedy pig: Nicola ‘Lady Gaga’ Yates

Anyone got any idea how much city council Chief Exec Nicola “LADY GAGA” Yates really earns?

The council’s annual report, which contains audited accounting information, insists she earned £180,617 in 2014 -15. However, the ‘Table of Salaries for City Director and Chief Officer Posts as at 1 April 2015’ published with great fanfare and openness on the council website insists she trousers a mere £160k.

Why the difference? And are either of these figures accurate? Because Nicola actually has FOUR jobs courtesy of Bristol City Council. As well as Chief Exec, she’s the ELECTORAL RETURNING OFFICER for the city; Chief Exec of the disastrous GREEN CAPITAL private limited company and she’s now nabbed a directorship of the brand new ‘BRISTOL WASTE‘ private limited company!

In the case of the last two, Gaga has openly used her influence to ensure the accounts of these publicly owned companies are TOP SECRET and not even subject to the attention of the council’s auditors. This means we have absolutely NO MEANS OF KNOWING if Gaga’s trousering any more of our cash on the sly through these companies.

Ain’t secrecy grand?

Elsewhere, the ‘Table of Salaries for City Director and Chief Officer Posts as at 1 April 2015’ for public consumption lists the salaries of Lady Gaga’s four STRATEGIC DIRECTORS as between £130 – 135k pa each.

Which is odd because the audited annual report says Business Change director MAX WIDE “BOY” earned over £141k in 2014 – 2015. Meanwhile Mayor Pillock’s thicko urbanist mate BARRA MAC “NUGGET” RUAIRI reels in a cool £139,350 pa for wandering aimlessly around ABU GHRAIB – Lady Gaga’s ‘agile’ Temple Street office complex – in brown cords.

Can these two senior bosses not add up? Or have they been treated to a secret pay rise?


2008-6-30-guo-feixiong-2006-after-beatingChinese premier, XI JINPING, was in the country last month for a high profile state visit and to get brownosed by a British establishment desperate for Chinese cash to fund infrastructure projects like the Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset.

To coincide with the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY top dog’s arrival, Amnesty International published a list of high profile prisoners of conscience in China. The vast majority of whom are banged up for the crime of free speech and demanding democracy in China.

Among those on the list is a big hero of the Bristolian, GUO FEIXIONG. The pen name of Yang Maodong, a prominent writer and lawyer from Bristol’s Chinese twin city of Guangzhou.

Feixiong was SEIZED off the city’s streets by Guangzhou police on August 8, 2013, and finally arrested on September 11 2013 on a charge of “gathering a crowd to disrupt order of a public place”. His crime was to help organise a peaceful protest over BLATANT CENSORSHIP by the Chinese Communist Party of a local Guangzhou–based newspaper, the Southern Weekly.

Two years later, Feixiong remains in custody and still awaits trial on these spurious charges. According to his lawyer, his health has deteriorated while in detention and his lower legs are extremely weak. His sister and doctor say his condition could be caused from the HUNGER STRIKE he went on in protest at his treatment or from TORTURE.

His lawyer has applied twice for his release on medical bail, the first time in 2013 and then again in June 2014. The authorities refuse to grant bail, however, claiming that Feixiong poses a “DANGER TO SOCIETY”.

Feixiong was also imprisoned from 2006-2011 when he was SEVERELY TORTURED. This Included being beaten, ‘tiger benched’ and suspended from a ceiling by his arms with his legs bent back while being hit with an ELECTRIC PROD on the face, arms, and genitals.

Other Guangzhou-based citizens on the Amnesty list include TANG JINGLING, a  human rights lawyer, who was criminally detained in mid-May 2014 on suspicion of “CREATING A DISTURBANCE,” and WANG QINGYING and YUAN XINTING, who are close associates of Tang in the “Non-violent Citizens’ Disobedience Movement”.

All three have subsequently been formally arrested on a serious charge of “INCITING SUBVERSION OF STATE POWER” although there’s no sign of a trial.

Despite having an active Amnesty International branch in Bristol, which organises a SWANKY GARDEN PARTY at Bristol University’s swanky Goldney Hall every year, there’s no sign of the branch taking up the cases of any of these four prisoners of conscience from our Chinese twin city in any meaningful way.

Instead, it seems, our local Amnesty members prefer to sip sparkling wines in agreeable surroundings while Mayor Pro-Torture – himself an Amnesty member – is left in peace to regularly travel back and forth to Guangzhou to allegedly promote trade and pick up spurious awards from the torturers of the Chinese Communist Party.

Meanwhile, MERCHANT VENTURER Port of Bristol bosses Terrence Mordaunt and David Ord are similarly left in peace to seek financial support for their deepwater port plan at Avonmouth from the Chinese Communist Party bosses of the GUANGZHOU PORT AUTHORITY.

Surely we should be doing much more to support these prisoners of conscience held and tortured under our noses in our twin city?


Oliver latter Boomeco

Criminal polluter: Oliver “Bankrupt” Latter, ho!, ho!

Oh dearie me, seems times are very hard indeed for Oliver Latter’s criminal polluting waste firm, BOOMECO. For it seems the Avonmouth recycling firm that packages up waste and exports it to Sweden to be incinerated for a tasty fee from Bristol City Council is up for sale!

Meanwhile reports emerge that the firm procured by Mayor Rubbish just six months ago – after the snooty liar denied he intended to do any such thing – is on the verge of BANKRUPTCY. “There’s very little activity around their yard these days,” we’re assured.

Whether Latter will be able to offload his useless polluting firm that was fined £19k recently for infesting Avonmouth with flies and is also subject to a legal class action from 200 local residents over this issue is a moot point.

Our spies tell us that corporate giants BALFOUR BEATTY have already declined an offer to buy the firm and its expensive legal action. We also understand other Avonmouth firms, many with dubious clean air credentials themselves, are watching this class action unfold with increasing concern.

Watch this space …




A pro-business, pro-polluter grassroots campaign called ‘AVONA’ appears to have mysteriously sprung up in Avonmouth.

The ‘ASTROTURFING’ campaign (known as such because of its fake grassroots) appears to be very well funded indeed through a mystery slush fund, apparently being handled by a local business-friendly resident, Ian Smith with the help of a local church!

Smith has already set up a cheesy branded ‘Avona’ website registered in his name and he’s helped create and distribute 4,000 USELESS GLOSSY QUESTIONAIRES to residents. These questionaires – complete with paid reply envelopes – must have cost a fair few quid and it isn’t clear where Smith got the cash from.

Not least because neither ‘Avona’ nor any of the other names he uses for his “COMMUNITY ORGANISATION” like ‘Avonmouth Projects’ or ‘Avonmouth Village’ have formal constitutions, memberships or open accounts we can have a look at.

A handy means, then, of handling cash from UNDISCLOSED SOURCES who might want to avoid the scrutiny of any successful anti-pollution campaigners in Avonmouth. Especially campaigners who have been hitting business hard where it hurts – in the wallet.

As the Bristolian has already reported, Smith received £1,000 into his personal bank account from bust criminal waste polluters Boomeco just before last Christmas to fund seasonal festivities for the community in Avonmouth. This money has subsequently DISAPPEARED without explanation after many residents demanded it was returned to the polluters.

Smith also recently launched an ATTACK in the The Nazi Post on the organisers of a, potentially, multi-million pound legal class action against the local criminal polluters, Boomeco responsible for 2014’s fly plague. He described the trio as ‘VILE’ and claimed no one in the village supported them.

An unlikely claim as 200 residents have signed-up to SUE THE ARSE OFF Boomeco and its boss Oliver Latter. Smith, meanwhile, can claim the support of, er, Boomeco plus the company’s chief supporter and supplier of public money, Mayor Poison and some RETARDED VICAR prepared to put mysterious cash handouts through his church accounts to help out local businesses keen to fight local campaigners.

Smith is also reputed to have requested cash for a leaflet/questionaire from George Ferguson when he attended a small INVITATION-ONLY community meeting with Mayor Bent-as-Fuck in Avonmouth on 25 June. A PRIVATE MEETING organised through the supposedly public and city council-run Neighbourhood Partnership.

Quite why Bristol City Council would consider handing money to an individual POSING as a community organisation without working through the agreed, open and accountable Neighbourhood Partnership grants process is not at all clear.

Neither is it clear why Avonmouth’s Neighbourhood Partnership boss and city council employee, Keith “Lazy Boy” Houghton, has been offering support and encouragement to Smith, a FRIEND OF LOCAL POLLUTERS, while marginalising the views of, at least, 200 RESIDENTS involved in a wildy successful legal action against er, LOCAL POLLUTERS!

Rest assured the Bristolian will be keeping a close eye on these dodgy dealings …