It seems that the memo explaining how Mayor Fergo is a great feminist activist has not reached every corner of Shitty Hall, if one recent public falling out is anything to go by.

Labour’s Lawrence Hill councillor HIBAQ JAMA ended up in a toe-to-toe barney with the millionaire mayor – noted for his passionate interest in ‘women’s issues’ – after a discussion over female genital mutilation (FGM) turned notably sour.

“I can’t stand that man!” declared Jama to anyone within earshot after an argument with His Redtrouserness, whom she accused of being a “PATRONISING SEXIST”.

The situation is further complicated by Gorgeous George’s closeness to energetic FGM campaigner Nimko Ali, who has rarely been shy about her CONTEMPT for Jama and Bristol Labour.

Meanwhile, with very real concerns about Cllr Jama’s time as a manager at the Beacon Centre still swirling around, it seems some ham-fisted political hacks have been touting round an implausible Romeo and Juliet-style fiction linking her to a FAILED mayoral candidate.


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