Firebrand social care campaigner and friend of The BRISTOLIAN, Mr STEVE ‘STORMIN’ NORMAN, who’s recently been shaking things up at the council and elsewhere over the Holmwood House scandal, has declared he will be running for council as an independent candidate for Avonmouth in the May local elections.

This might disappoint Labour, who have their old stager JOHN ‘BUMBLE’ BEES lined up and would be hoping to keep the seat, currently held by their washed-up ex-MP, Doug Naysmith.

Norman will be running on a ticket attacking the council’s abysmal record in social care, which as well as embarrassing the city council may well expose Labour’s COULDN’T-GIVE-A-TOSS-PRIVATISE-THE-LOT attitude to social care in the city.


Meanwhile, the current cabinet boss for social care, BARBARA JANKE will announce she will not be running for her Clifton seat again.

Janke has had little influence in changing the dismal quality of residential social care provided by private providers in the city and instead has been acting as little more than a mouthpiece for council managers determined to cover up the lethal state of privatised residential care in the city.

A suitably fitting damp squib finale for this politician of the second rank.


Over in the alternative universe occupied by INDYREDPANTS FOR BRISTOL – the political party that says it’s not a political party – it looks like business as usual to us with the endorsement by IfB of Stella Perrett as its candidate in Redland.

She, you may recall, is a close former friend and associate of disgraced local Lib Dem kiddie porn aficionado councillor John Astley, who in 2004 was convicted for his paedo peccadilloes – as well as a number of electoral fraud charges which, err, The Artist Formerly Known As Stella Hender also faced!

Meanwhile,  the Redpants’ foghorn-voiced closet Tory boss, Mayor Fergo’s pal STEPHEN ‘UNSPARKLING’ PERRY, has “fast-tracked” himself to become the candidate for Clifton, effectively replacing one enormously embarrassing candidate – BRENDA ‘WISE MONKEY’ MCLENNAN, the Analphoney’s innumerate bean counter – with another enormously embarrassing candidate – himself!

This new politics looks strangely like the old politics, doesn’t it?


The local elections take place on Thursday 22 May 2014, along with the non-event of the European elections.

As many as 70% of people in Bristol will not vote. And who can really blame them?

Will it make any difference?


  1. maita robinson

    People gotta vote or we just end up with idiots with agendas…ie the Mayor and god save us..Perry. So please could you encourage people to vote…and maybe we can dump RPZ so we don’t have to move outta town.

    1. hurry

      But the reason we ended up with the mayor is that people voted for him. If all the people who voted for the mayor had not voted, he wouldn’t have won.

      We will end up with an idiot with an agenda regardless of the result as they are the only people with the backing necessary to win. The fewer people who vote, the less able that idiot is able to claim political legitimacy

    2. wolfiephP

      Agree with Maita. People are dying in order to vote in Afghanistan so please encourage people to exercise their hard-won democratic rights here and vote – the parties are not all the same and some of the options would be disastrous for Bristol. I’m voting Labour as the only party large enough to stand up to RedPants!

    1. Paul B

      What we need in this country, whether at local, national or EU elections, is a mass strike by voters, demonstrating that we are sick of the lot of them and that no-one putting themselves up has a mandate.


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