The mainstreme press – A reality free zone


5 right-wing billionaires own over 80% of the UK’s newspapers along with huge swathes of our TV and radio stations, book publishers, cinemas, film and TV production companies. Almost everything we see, hear or read in this country is shaped and distorted by their propaganda machines.

As covered by this issue of the Bristolian, when the public are exposed to genuine socialist ideas as they were at Exeter’s General Election hustings, they are shockingly in favour of them.

The sad demise of Bristol’s 24/7 news website into yet another load of business-friendly drivel is one more example of how the mainstream media is a reality free zone.

Voices for radical change are either ignored or ridiculed. Their agenda is to keep us distracted with trivia while the social gains achieved by our grandparents, such as the NHS or the Welfare State, are dismantled or sold off to their wealthy friends.

However, the media barons are increasingly worried. From local papers such as the Bristolian to the hundreds of alternative voices which can now be found on the internet – they know their days are numbered.