Word is spreading that rogue bullshit jobbers (ie. middle management) in Bristol City Council’s Housing Department re-introduced the illegal practice of “gate-keeping” last week, presumably to restrict Bristol’s homeless access to public services they’re entitled to under the pretence of “saving money”.

Obviously aware that the council had already been reprimanded for this practice by the Ombudsman back in 2012, our very own bullshit jobforce (on huge salaries at taxpayer expense, and including members of the Dirty Thirty) went around all of BCC’s front-line housing staff in person and told them that they were to refuse all help to young Bristolians turfed out of their family homes, under the pretence that they “do not qualify as homeless” until they “can provide proof in the form of a legal notice to quit (28 days) from their families”. As if this is going to happen! Never mind, because the undeserving poor can just sleep on the streets until they get them.

So the question must be asked: Is Housing Director Paul “Wolfie” Smith aware of such illegal, clandestine shenanigans amongst his subordinates? Or are they simply doing whatever they want? And what is Nick “Pooper” Hooper’s role in all of this? Is the high priest of BCC’s bullshit jobbers still in charge of “administrating” the Housing Dept, or has he, as rumoured, been moved on to blight another department?

Maybe another visit by the Ombudsman can give us the answers to all of this and more…


  1. The Bristol Cleaver

    Is that so, Paul? Then you won’t forget to keep us informed as to what your findings are, will you? Because we’ll pursue this story much more resolutely than I suspect you will, and you wouldn’t want to end up with even more egg on your chinny chin chin, now would you?

    And I wonder if this whistleblower will receive the same reward as the last one – who spilled the dirt on Scamalot being up to no good in BCC property, and then got evicted on BCC orders for his pains!

    1. The Bristol Blogger

      Strangely, Marvin’s management recently identified whistleblowing practice at the council as a shambles with little real protection available to staff whistleblowers. They’ve now asked their shambolic Internal Audit department – who were supposed to protect whistleblowers in the first place but just left them to hang out to dry at the mercy of bent managers – to introduce a new ‘improved’ policy.

      Why would they be capable or willing to operate this new policy any better than the old one when these auditors are blatantly in the pockets of senior bosses who want any embarrassing issues on their watch covered up, not exposed?

      I’d advise that whistleblower to contact us for objective advice and protection from their animal senior bosses.


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