7 thoughts on “LOCAL MP’S SEX TOY SHAME

  1. richard allen

    As one actually born in Bristle, I entirely agree that marvellous Marvin should be reviled for cancelling the arena project, after 20 years in the making, overruling the entire council, and overpaying the underperforming Anal KlonDIKE by one hundred thousand pounds!
    Jocob doesn’t have anything to do with Bristol a such, and hasn’t cost any money either, why have a go at him? I like the bloke very much!

  2. Sue Forbes

    @richard allen… there’s no point using adult rebuttals on a puerile site like this… :)

    There’s the very occasional glimpse of investigative journalism but most of it is more akin to chimps throwing their faeces around.

  3. Noel west

    Fuck off you middle class ponce or I’ll break your fucking nose you smarmy cunt. Seriously where and when do you want to meet up. I’ll fucking kill you, you tory cunt

  4. Noel west

    God you’re a boring cunt. You’re not funny you are not needed and you will be the first against the wall. Google a picture of mussolina Mrs hung upside down in a square in Italy after being beaten and shot in the head. That is your future you sad lonely cats piss stinking fascist cunt


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