News reaches us that Massive Attack member Robert ‘3D’ Del Naja is seriously considering running for Bristol Mayor as an independent next year. In 2012 Del Naja publicly backed George Ferguson for mayor but was reputed to be less than impressed with George’s performance. However, our source tells us Del Naja is “absolutely livid” at the Reverend Rees, particularly with his attack on the Bearpit and Bristol’s graffiti culture as well as the failure to deliver an arena.

It’s thought Del Naja will run on a ticket demanding freedom for Palestine; an arena for central Bristol and the decriminalisation of weed. We understand Del Naja will be supported in this bold bid by fellow Bristol Sound pioneer, Portishead’s Geoff Barrow. He’s been penciled in to become Del Naja’s political assistant, replacing “Slo” Kevin Slocombe, on £95k a year, should Del Naja scoop the big prize next year. Sources close to Del Naja say, “Geoff’s undoubtedly a people person who oozes diplomacy. He’s the perfect fit for a role bringing our divided city back together.”

Our source assures us Del Naja is “very serious about this. He’s even shelved an exciting new world music project happening later this year with Damon from Blur and has got Banksy working on some ideas for flyers.”

“Let’s just say a mayoral run is much more likely than a new Massive Attack album next year.”

6 thoughts on “DEL NAJA FOR MAYOR?

  1. The Bristol Cleaver

    Ok, I get a commitment to the artist/liberal vote, plus a symbolic gesture over Palestine. He might even ‘legalise’ weed for the youth and stoners. Fine. Then an alleged ‘completion’ of The Arena (hmm, really – and how is this a priority, given the crisis we’re in?). But I don’t see any attacks on homelessness, poverty and gentrification. Where’s the empowering of grass-roots democratic neighbourhood assemblies to replace BCC’s mire of neoliberal corruption? Where’s the commitment to essential public services, to the disestablishment of Colston’s slave trade legacy, or to a rent cap and mass expropriation/requisition of private property to deal with our city’s housing emergency, just for example?

    Over to you, Robert…

  2. Sue Forbes

    Yay! On the bright side… a post by the The Bristolian finally gets a reply … when we all thought the site was dead.

  3. Bertie Bumbiter from Bedminster

    Why not ask Del Naja to say something. You say you are a newspaper; you have an attention grabbing article. Get a comment from the source if you are serious about the story then we can discuss the issues.

  4. Joyce Bond

    What Divided City? Bristolians are all united. We do not need to ally with the pretentious Bourgeois Prats who attempt to use us to justify there aspirations for wealth and acceptance within the wicked system. Massive Attack are boring copouts, a betrayal of their origins. At least Portishead are consistent in that they have always been shit and irrelevant, relaying on the increasing use of dope propelled by profiteering non natural producers to dull peoples minds. Be mindful Bristolians, The Elected mayor fraud is just an apparatus to bleed us of our money.


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