The Burning of a Police Van is the Lighting Up of a Beacon of Hope

By John Serpico

Rioy  Van

In a country that every month lurches ever further into Right-wing authoritarianism with nary a whisper being raised, where queues at foodbanks become ever longer, where homelessness is accepted as being normal, where huge swathes of workers are one pay day from destitution, where nurses are clapped then slapped, where foreign aid is slashed and spending on nuclear defense multiplied, where police attack and kill women, where protest is criminalised, and where its government presides over 127,000 Covid-19 deaths – with nary a whisper being raised and all with the tacit support of Labour – for people then to express shock and outrage at the “horrendous and disgusting” scenes in Bristol is fucking lamentable.

The burning of a police van is the lighting up of a beacon of hope that’s going to be seen all over the world. Welcome back, Bristol, it’s been a long time.

6 thoughts on “The Burning of a Police Van is the Lighting Up of a Beacon of Hope

  1. Arch Stanton

    Nice one John, and spot on. Looking forward to seeing you with a pint in one hand and a brick in the other. And, yes, it has been a long time.

  2. Battle of Bridewell 21.3.21.

    Our leaders hate us. Too few people understand or acknowledge that.
    It should be the starting point of any fight back.
    Government agenda is calculated for their own nefarious reasons.

    1. noel west

      Phew , what a scorcher !! The filth are despised the world over. They are rapists , racists and fascists. They break strikes, destroy communities, shoot black people in the back and work for the ruling class. Tell them you’ve been burgled they’ll give you a crime reference no , tell them you’re a billionaire and your workers are daring to strike and you’ll get thousands of the bastards at your disposal. If the fascists ever got into power it would be THEM putting US into the concentration camps whilst they waved their pay packets at us. So fuck them and the ruling class media that support them. They deserve everything coming to them.

  3. Joyce Bond

    Noel, Who said the Fascists are not in power. They are; with they have the mandate to strip us of our Rights.They have always failed to subdue the conscious man and will never succeed. We are awake, we are Aware Get Ready. No Wicked Police can protect Dem now. The future is for All. Bless

  4. March Marcher

    Oh the irony !
    Speaking to broadcasters at BAE Systems – manufactures of mass destruction purely for profit – in Preston, Prime Lying Arsehole Johnson grunted, ‘I think all that kind of thing is unacceptable and the people obviously have a right to protest in this country.
    BUT they should protest peacefully and legally if and when we allow. The Telegraph 2021/3/22
    Closer to home, pointless, flaccid tool of the state Marvin demonstrates his utter contempt for young people, class struggle and indeed Bristol.
    So what of Susan Mountssteven ? (The one who’d give Death a fright if they met in a poorly lit alley.) Any change from this morally bankrupt PCC ? (See The Bristolian July 5 2017 / October 2 2013 / April 16 2013)
    Has she held Chief Con. Andrew Marsh to account ? Re: police brutality. Lying about police injuries. Obstructing the Press. Traumatising, radicalising and failing yet again? Sending messages around the world Bristol will NOT tolerate their fascist state.
    Shame on Bristol politian’s silence.


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