Hello Bristolian,

I have heard from a very trusted source that the great anti-vaccination activist, Youtube VLogger and Bristol resident Dr. Jon Rogers, of Windsor Road,  was admitted to Bristol hospital ICU on 2 occasions in the past month to receive oxygen as he and his wife had contracted Covid.

I do hope his wife recovers soon.

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  1. research

    This is a surprise. The Bristolian supports Big Pharmaceutical companies.
    I know nothing of his wife but if a qualified doctor like Rodgers warns us about not becoming sacrificial guinea pigs for an untested death jab it is worth listening to.
    Big Pharmaceutical cannot be sued. Nothing to loose but it all to gain.
    Rodgers is getting on. Elderly people require hospital treatment, especially when residing in a dirty shitty city such as this one.
    Unlike when he was a dodgy councillor now he’s nothing to gain by encouraging people to realise what is taking place.

  2. Harry

    Talking of ex-councillors, the Reverend Rees has resurrected a dead in the water hot air expeller.
    Rees likes to make the decisions on all matters while surrounding himself with gullible, power greedy fools. Positioned to take the shit after it hits the fan.
    In this case it is Afzal Shah, one time Eastville Ward Councillor. Who has been parachuted into Barton Hill to oversee the gentrification of the area as to the Reverend’s wishes.


    Bristol Wasters are spreading their stinking mess.
    Using contractors Churchill to supply SECURE-THE-CITY boneheads under the new guise – Amulet; who are presently pissing about, increasing ever higher levels of stress and incompetence.
    I mean – Bristol City Council providing worse pay and conditions than the private sector.
    Marvin obviously needs to either fuck off or rectify this.
    Pretending to be a Reverend and praying harder might not work.

  4. James Acland

    The Bristolian does not support big pharmaceutical companies but it does support reality. This anti-vax, Covid-denying clap-trap is getting people seriously ill and killing them. Nice one you plonkers.

  5. ex health employee

    Hello James, thanks for your contribution.
    However people are dying as a result of blood clots brought about by this experimental vaccine.
    One that should not be given to children. After all children are not dying of a direct result of covid.
    More people are suffering then dying because they are not receiving hospital treatment for other serious ailments.
    Research the subject. Do not uncritically believe the government.
    Take the news today – vaccine passports will not be necessary.
    Mind you that may change in the future. If it does it will not have anything to do with enduring our safety.
    Keep reading James.

  6. James Acland

    ex health employee…. I don’t uncritically support the government…quite the opposite… as a scientific researcher I look at the science and the statistics. Researching on SM is not researching, it is about as useful as getting your info from the supermarket about neurosurgery. Go and look up utilitarian medical practice.

    “More people are suffering then dying because they are not receiving hospital treatment for other serious ailments”. And why is this…durr? Because Co-vid means thousands of beds are taken up and NHS staff employed looking after seriously ill people. This is not an argument… it is a consequence of Co-vid. What are you going to do chuck the Co-vid patients out and let them die? Instead you should be campaigning for expansion of the NHS to deal with the pandemic and the secondary effects of the pandemic. The same thing happened in 1918-1919 pandemic, primary and secondary effects.

    And RamRod you are just talking uninformed nonsense. Wake up you idiot., sheep or whatever insults you chuck around. After all this is over and the claims of the deniers are definitively shown to be false, the crazies will quietly drift away. What will remain are the memories amongst us of the millions of dead due to Covid and the historians will be writing books about the irrationality and mass stupidity of conspiracy theorists, right-wing nutters and religious fundamentalists in a world of information.

    1. thank fuck i'm not a reseacher

      Maybe I’ll write more later but my initial response is you have no idea.
      Why do I make this bold assumption ?

      Because you know nothing of my time spent with the NHS. What I did for pay nor what I did to inform the public about the year by year decline in staff and bed numbers.
      Despite the increase in both the nations wealth and population.

      So James, follow the lies be led to wars, poverty and now experimental, never ending chemicals. Injected poisons to add to the many others that are add to our water, processed foods, air and airwaves.
      You are a gullible idiot if you believe the government cares about the people any more than a farmer cares about his or her livestock.

    2. Alice Nutter

      James/Bristolian Collective – I can recall similar insults being thrown around after 9/11. It took a couple of years but the truth came out.
      You too easily/ readily soak up and repeat the official narrative.
      That false flag lead to this country being taken in to an illegal war, the ramifications of which are still with us and still resulting in terrible mass suffering around the world.

      Will people ever learn ?
      Where is the anarchist, anti government stance I remember from days gone by when the Bristolian was printed on paper and distributed around the city’s pubs ?

      I know it takes time but the truth will come out. It takes patience which is difficult to endure when you see governments and their masters tighten their stranglehold hold on the scared and uninformed.

      The subject I most immediately want to high light is a zoom meeting organised by a colleague, Mike Cambell from PROTECT OUR NHS.
      It is THIS coming Tuesday.
      Register for the meeting, hear the facts of the crisis the NHS is currently facing.

      In the meantime you can listen to a brief account of the situation at the following site :-
      (The report starts at 1:06:15)


      Fight for it or lose it !


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