Book full of bollocks for Hotwells’ homophobic bible bashers

Following our story about the Reverend’s anti-gay pastor chairing the governors at Hotwells Primary School, a reader draws our attention to a radio interview the Reverend did back in 2017.

Seems he told loopy Premier Christian Radio that the UK should have an economy that more closely resembles “the Year of Jubilee” from the Book of Leviticus in the Old Testament.

Is that the same Book of Leviticus that contains laws condemning same-sex relationships and, er, shellfish? Why, indeed it is!

So that’s all right then.

One thought on “BIBLE NEWS

  1. TM

    I believe one of the features of a biblical year of jubilee is that all debts are written off. Could this be why the reverend has spent his time in office building up a catalogue of loss-making projects ?


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