The dismal reality of the ‘world class’ train station the Reverend Rees is foisting on us at Temple Meads is emerging.

A reader writes: “we were recently at Temple Meads trying to find somewhere warm to sit with our rip-off £3.80 Starbuck takeout-only coffees and we asked one of the station staff if there was a waiting room?

“Just go in the Pumpkin Cafe,” they replied.   

“Are we allowed in there with drinks we didn’t buy from them?”

“Oh don’t worry about that. They’re all the same company in here except WH Smiths.”

Meaning a monopoly is running all the refreshment concessions at the station and just sticking different branding on them to create an illusion of choice. This monopoly is then able to charge any inflated price they like across the station.

If there were five or six different companies competing for your trade, prices would be lower and food better as concessions compete for your trade on price and quality.

Welcome to ‘world class’. One great big corporate rigged rip-off monopoly delivering mediocrity.

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