Hopkins - Guriben colour
Gary Hopkins; the portrait by Guriben

It’s very nearly goodbye to Gary “Fuckbucket” Hopkins, the man who brilliantly wrestled the title of most hated person in Knowle off Mary Smith.

Branding his constituency ‘the desirable part of Knowle’ in 2003, he nailed his colours to the mast. Then blocked off our streets; got the Friendship shut down citing ‘undesirable elements’; shut the historic Talbot Coaching Inn and helped to rob our green spaces.

The icing on the cake was enthusiastic backing for the insane Broadwalk development, which will effectively trash the area. He formed the Knowle Community Party but has now cleared off to Brislington leaving his mess behind him.

Why did he come to Bristol and what has he gained?

2 thoughts on “HOPKINS ON THE MOVE

  1. Joyce Bond

    He has Jacked it in and run to Brislington. His Knowle Mickey mouse party have chosen a new candidate. What is there Constitution? What was the selection process and who was involved. How are they funded? They have produced an expensive leaflet. Weak in content and resorting to personal Insults. Why not ask their canvassers? t


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