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Charles I and III

Has anyone spotted the close similarity between these two twats? Both were or are total fuckwits.

Both were or are spiteful, vain and arrogant with it. Both thought or think the king should play ‘a larger role in politics’. Both either tried or will try to meddle in Parliament.

Charles I (left) believed in the ‘Divine Right of Kings’ and was happy to kill 1 in 10 of the adult male population of England to keep his right… it’s uncertain, but possible, that Charles III (right) also does.

Both took or are taking the throne at a time of extreme crisis for both the monarchy and the ruling class, and both fucked or will fuck it up. Finally, both lost their heads metaphorically speaking, and the war criminal Charles literally did.

So will Charles III repeat the exact same journey of his namesake, but as farce?