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Timmy Mallett - the intellectual power behind George Ferguson's mayoral throne?

Timmy Mallett: intellectual power behind George Ferguson’s mayoral throne?

Ever wondered what connects esteemed can-do, hands-on, low- impact city godfather George Ferguson and ‘wacky’ kids’ TV has- been TIMMY MALLETT? Well, we’ve found the man to ask…

Step forward John Miles, of the John Miles Organisation, talent spotter extraordinaire and representative to the stars. Yes, our very own Mayor has himself a SHOWBIZ AGENT!

He’s in illustrious company – JMO boasts not just Fergo and Timmy on its books, but also dead alleged kiddy-groper Terry Nutkins, audience-killing king of ‘family entertainment’ Noel Edmonds and Points West’s Alex Lovell!

How long before he’s charging for autographs?