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It's easy Peezy for Red Trousers' deep pockets!

Ever wondered how best to collect urine samples for medical screening purposes? Well, Bristol’s Premier Citizen has – and he’s quietly been putting his money where his not-inconsiderable mouth is…

Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to innovation and a willingness to roll up his sleeves and get stuck into issues of feminine hygiene, MAYOR GEORGE FERGUSON is a keen investor in Forte Medical, whose main product is the ‘Peezy MSU’.

Formerly called the ‘Female Freedom Funnel’, the Peezy is a device to collect WEE SAMPLES from women without messy spills, and thanks to a pushy sales strategy it’s already making lucrative in-roads into both NHS and private hospitals.

Whilst he’s no stranger to taking the piss, George has kept this one on the Q.T. But is this because he doesn’t like to blow his own trumpet as a champion of medical progress? Or doesn’t he want to upset his core muesli belt supporters with the news he’s in bed with a bunch of ‘life sciences’ venture capitalists?

After all, big business and biotech don’t really go with George’s treehugging image…