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Does the insanity of our regional government body WECA and its deranged mayor, Dan “The WECA Man” Norris, have no bounds?

You may recall that the WECA Man insisted, when arriving in office, that this failing bureaucracy fronted by a man of much self-importance needed high-end offices in central Bristol at twice the price we would pay for exactly the same thing in Yate?

WECA flunkies immediately set about obtaining offices at an appropriate address – Rivergate House, Redcliff Street.

A fortune was then spent on poncy architects, interior design types and a variety of ‘workplace’ bullshitters to create a ‘space’ for Dan and his incompetent bureaucrats to waft around in trying to feel important.

However, when the WECA man finally turned up for his first day, he announced he didn’t want an office on the third floor and it needed to be immediately  moved to the ground floor … At a cost of over £100k!

WECA flunkies, of course, obliged and Dan now has an office on the ground floor. Although he’s now refusing to come into the office because he’s not allowed to bring his dog!

Woof! Woof!