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Gates: funding posh twits to promote demolishing your home

Oh Joy! ‘Community’ newspaper, the Bristol Cable, have nabbed some money off uber-capitalist Bill Gates.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, operating as the European Journalism Centre, have handed the Cable £110k to come up with some ‘solutions journalism’.

First up was a feature on the future of housing in Bristol. Two ‘solutions’ were devised by the kind-hearted wealthy folk at the Cable.

We Can Make, based out of the Knowle West Media Centre, taking a relaxed approach to space standards, wants to put glorified sheds in back gardens of council houses so people can house their children or granny. So far, so ridiculous.

The next ‘big idea’ is so-say ‘estate regeneration’. Not new and already tried in London by the Labour Party, the premise is that the council hand land and council estates to private developers who demolish the lot and rebuild at higher density.

The company then, theoretically, rehouses existing council tenants displaced during demolition and has lots more homes to sell-off for a tidy profit. Trebles all round!

Why is the Cable, under the guise of ‘community’, publishing an article funded by a billionaire talking up the destruction of working class homes and communities?

Does anyone at the Cable engage their brain before publishing their shit?