Feeling the pressure of high office in these early days of Bristol’s Rainbow Reich is George’s little Green helper, Cllr Sir Gus Hoyty-Toyty.

In between launching into crazed diatribes against vegetables and throwing around wild accusations of theft, the second most effective Green councillor for the Ashley ward has been upsetting his own constituents with his ERRATIC AND EVASIVE approach to their concerns over Resident Parking Zones.

This culminated recently in a bizarre outburst from Sir Gus, when he claimed a photo in the Evening, sorry, Bristol Post of a few pensioners on Cobourg Road in Montpelier BRANDISHING PITCHFORKS and mock threatening Gorgeous George over his Parking Zones represented a serious and present danger to Sir Gus’s personal safety.

“They’re doing this on the street I live [on],” whined the selfless Green, a vociferous champion of councillors living in the areas they represent. Except if the Electoral Register is to be believed, there is NO GUS HOYT now living on Cobourg Road.

Most strange. Perhaps Sir Gus has been taking lessons from Bristol Labour’s most deranged Alderman, Royston Griffey? Is Sir Gus now Lord of the Montpelier Manor and labouring under the belief that the whole ward belongs to him?

Have the pressures of being a high-flying local politician meant that Hoyty-Toyty has also forgotten to register his current address for Council Tax?

2 thoughts on “GREEN GUS KICKS UP A FUSS

  1. maita robinson

    Gus continues to behave even more erratically . Greenvine, the admitted official mouthpiece to Ashley Residents by Rob and Gus. is now being heavily censored…and NO discussion of RPZ is being allowed (you probably already know this)….except via email. No questions can be asked and no discussion on one of the biggest issues to hit Ashley in years. They are also deleting even the least contentious questioning of how they are doing things…and no descenting posts are allowed. This is at a time when the formal and informal consultation schedule has been announced for St Paul’s and Montpelier…both very divided. They are denying residents a chance to air their views…and they are also avoiding the fact that they are totally pro RPS and residents wishes make no difference. It is part of the Green diktat. They want to ‘deliver’ the Ward to the Mayor and pretend there is no hassle and everyone wants it.

    Gus backed out of an interview on the BBC Radio Bristol breakfast programme on Tuesday as he tweeted in the wee small hours that he had ‘checked into Emergency’…and couldn’t do the interview….it was to be on housing ( ie his report on ‘bedroom tax) so very vexed. And of course he has done it before…found himself in Emergency at critical moments therefore avoiding discussion or tough arguments. He left an important Neighbourhood Partnership meeting saying that the police had advised him to leave because of extreme anti RPZ people who were threatening him…we spoke to the police at the meeting ( in St Paul’s) and no conversation ever took place. He also tweeted that he told someone who parked outside his house to move..legally parked and not anti socially parked and then tweeted all about it showing the mayor how brave he is to bully car owners. Gus doesn’t own a car. Some of his late night posts have been totally incomprehensible.
    Meanwhile the Mayor praises Gus up and down for the wonderful job he is doing while Gus sucks up…when if fact the Mayor has no clothes…

    We have been keeping a now large ‘charge sheet’ of Gus’s posts on social media…lots of screen grabs etc. Also a lot of tweets going back to the ‘if you are anti RPS you should join UKIP mess.

    Gus continues to rant manically…he accuses anyone with a question about RPZ as being ‘rampant anti RPZ’…he even has been made to apologize to one resident who is only wanting ‘appropriate’ RPS for his area for call him ‘rampant anti RPZ’. Though the apology is in writing… the same accusation continues. Both councillors were made to apologize for tweeting and FBing misinformation about a meeting in St Paul’s which was organized by residents and they said it had been organized by the Lib Dems…which was totally untrue. But they both continue on Twitter to take credit for things they haven’t done. It is a nightmare for residents ….and some of us voted Green. Never again, if this is what we get.

    Thanks for listening,

    Maita Robinson
    St Andrews


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