Marvin: talked shit and lost to a red trousered arse

Marvin: talked shit and lost to a red trousered arse

Martin: preached peace and inspired millions

Martin: preached peace and inspired millions

Belly-flopping Labour Mayoral candidate MARVIN ‘ME, MYSELF, I’ REES appears to have held on to the same high opinions of himself that failed to get him elected ahead of a dodgy millionaire architect in red trousers.

Rees, whose grand election strategy was spouting management jargon whilst cruising around in a chauffeur-driven car and letting a tedious Labour goon in Swindon run his Twitter account, has lately been trying to reinvent himself as a kind of elder statesman of Bristolian politics.

Judging by a recent tweet – from an account he now appears to be updating himself – he’s not quite got the hang of it: “At City Rd Baptist Church service about to read “I Have A Dream” speech (the whole thing). No pressure!!”

Seems Marvin ‘Luther’ Rees has finally given up on the ‘Obama Strategy’ and opted instead for the ‘Dr King Plan’.

This can only end well…


    1. Jooohn Ag

      The only ‘obsession’ we have is with bringing down a peg or two the self-important idiots who think they own this city – of all creeds, colours and genders.

      Readers only have to look at the vast numbers of mentions of rich white middle-class men that we’ve smote over the issues to see the (party political?) absurdity of Pipa’s allegation.

      After all, which other news outlet in Bristol has been investigating the accusations of institutional racism at City Academy? Did the Post or BBC Bristol send reporters down to the Tribunal hearings?

  1. Duncan Reid

    Quite frankly I’m disgusted. The irony that you condem Mr Rees for complaining about his character being besmirched during the last campaign in a blog that seems hell bent on besmirthcing his character is beyond parody. I can only assume that the faults that you so readily see in others simply reflects your psyche’s way of dealing with the shortcomings that you see in your own character.
    I only hope that Marvin is given the chance by the electorate to demonstrate the man of great character that he is and that they will vote for him accordingly.
    I also have to agree with Pipa’s conclusion above.

    1. The Bristol Blogger

      Thank you for contributing this pile of driveling wank. Is there an election on soon by any chance?


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