Interesting news from the Third Floor of Counts Louse Shitty Hall where the architects of mass redundancies and the slash-and-burn of frontline council services conduct their business.

Having frittered away £1 MILLION TO REFURBISH their upstairs eyrie to recreate the look of a crap European boutique hotel, the big spenders of Bristol City Council’s senior management are at it again. Yes,  the bosses are further featherbedding themselves by creating seven jobs (at a cost of well over £200k a year) to employ people to DO THEIR WORK FOR THEM!

Three of the posts are for ‘Director’s Assistants’, who “make sure the Mayor/Assistant Mayor or senior director is fully prepared for meetings, their diaries are up to date and they have everything they need to trash our city”. The other four posts are ‘Executive Assistants’, who will “be responsible for ensuring the Mayor and Assistant Mayors, and City director and senior officers are fully briefed and prepared for meetings, speeches, events…” – and no doubt also talking bollocks on Radio Bristol.

if you fancy working for a bunch of lazy tossers on six-figure salaries and helping them destroy Bristolians’ lives apply online now!

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