Writes The BRISTOLIAN‘s Social Care Correspondent:

So what’s this privatisation of public services thing all about, then?

Well, If you believe the papers, it’s the improvement of services because the workers who deliver them presently are lazy, incompetent, uneconomical and probably have a better pension than you. What a load of arse!

For starters most of the companies that are bidding to run our services also have shares in the media companies that peddle this one-sided MISINFORMATION.

The privatisation of public services means that large companies are providing services for the sick, elderly and vulnerable for financial gain. They have a legal duty towards their shareholders to MAXIMISE PROFIT – a duty that outweighs the rights of the service users or staff, who are often untrained, under resourced and on zero hours contracts with few checks on their background.

We are told that quangos like the Care Quality Commission monitor privatised care Well, they’ve inspected Holmwood House on numerous occasions and the home has FAILED EVERY TIME but they’ve been allowed to carry on regardless and people have died in the meantime.

After you’ve worked all your life and paid your National Insurance, you’d be hoping for some kindness and care with dignity. Tough. In all likelihood you’ll be laying there with your pyjamas round your ankles waiting for some sixteen year old on the Minimum Wage to perform a bowel evacuation on you. Her first time… Just like yours!

After all, they don’t want you being a nuisance and SHITTING YOURSELF because you’re in bed all day with nobody to take you to the toilet.

Meanwhile all that money you raised by selling your house to pay for it will wing its way to the Cayman Islands accounts of a private ‘care provider’. Fucking perky!

Let’s get down the Council House and do a bowel evacuation on those that are flogging off our care and see how they like it.

Anybody fancy some BRISTOLIAN-branded rubber gloves..?


  1. Adam Folds

    This post troubles me as it misses a lot out.

    Its true that most of the workers within public sector are lazy, incompetent ,overly expensive, lack accountability and cannot get a job in the private sector as they would fired within weeks. Thats been my experience anyway.

    The issue is that the public sector have to TUPE these no-hopers to the private sector contracts and then expect it all to work!!! If you are running with crap already, re-branding them and giving them a new badge wont change a thing! Not sure most of those companies are making a profit with the dross staff resources is legally thrown at them and making it the providers problem.

    The answer isn’t to move them to private sector but to sort out the lack of governance and accountability, start sacking more people for failure, starting at senior management level and then make people accountable. At least the police have the right idea by having a separate organisation manage their governance from the actual operational part. Still not perfect though.

    To be honest the Care services are probably safer outside of the council, given the muppets working for BCC at the moment. I fear for our needy adults, elderly and disadvantaged children. Not one BCC Care employee is capable of delivering them a safe service. Sack the lot.


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