ElizabethA boat was put up for sale recently. If you have a spare £15K you can buy it. It is called THE ELIZABETH.

Is it a coincidence that this is the same name as one of the boats previously owned by the now collapsed Bristol Ferry Boat Company?

As a 42% shareholder in the now collapsed Bristol Ferry Boat Company perhaps the Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, can explain why it seems to be registered to the Tobacco Factory?



1 thought on “FERRY QUESTIONS #3

  1. PaulB

    After seeing the lamentable podcast of his Royal Trouserness at the recent Bristol City Council meeting discussing RPZ’s you can virtually channel his voice on these ferry questions –
    “I don’t get involved in petty details like this, I have to deal with the bigger picture”
    “I’m not an expert on these matters, I have little people to do the detail”
    “I’m not going to be accountable for anything”
    “nothing to see here, move along, la-la-la-la-la”


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