Pets replace news in brave new media

What’s happened to Bristol 24/7, Bristol’s fiercely independent  news website run by former Western Daily Press news hack, Chris Brown?

The site, since 2009, had built a formidable reputation in the city as the place to go for high quality news reporting and decent left of centre political commentary.

Then back in the autumn, with a huge fanfare, the site relaunched, along with a new monthly print edition, using money invested by the guilt-ridden former Venue owner Dougal “Fat Bastard” Templeton and ridiculous self-styled ‘place maker’, E3 Media boss and massive wannabe, Mike “Gordon” Bennett.

Further investment came from a ragbag of small business owners largely involved in the city’s catering industry and a few self-styled local movers-and-shakers no one’s ever heard of.

Then, two months after the launch, Gordon and the Fat Bastard forced Brown out of his own publication, publicly citing ‘lacklustre leadership’ while privately claiming his news was too negative towards Gordon’s friend and political ally, George Ferguson, and that they had identified a non-existent Labour Party editorial bias at the site.

Since then, what was once a fine news site and a place for political discussion in the city, has pissed out a sorry stream of unedited corporate press releases, George Ferguson brownosing articles, feelgood animal and pet stories, a bit of provincial catering news and loads of tedious middle class arts waffle.

What a load of crap. How has this been allowed to happen?