Greedy pig: Nicola ‘Lady Gaga’ Yates

Anyone got any idea how much city council Chief Exec Nicola “LADY GAGA” Yates really earns?

The council’s annual report, which contains audited accounting information, insists she earned £180,617 in 2014 -15. However, the ‘Table of Salaries for City Director and Chief Officer Posts as at 1 April 2015’ published with great fanfare and openness on the council website insists she trousers a mere £160k.

Why the difference? And are either of these figures accurate? Because Nicola actually has FOUR jobs courtesy of Bristol City Council. As well as Chief Exec, she’s the ELECTORAL RETURNING OFFICER for the city; Chief Exec of the disastrous GREEN CAPITAL private limited company and she’s now nabbed a directorship of the brand new ‘BRISTOL WASTE‘ private limited company!

In the case of the last two, Gaga has openly used her influence to ensure the accounts of these publicly owned companies are TOP SECRET and not even subject to the attention of the council’s auditors. This means we have absolutely NO MEANS OF KNOWING if Gaga’s trousering any more of our cash on the sly through these companies.

Ain’t secrecy grand?

Elsewhere, the ‘Table of Salaries for City Director and Chief Officer Posts as at 1 April 2015’ for public consumption lists the salaries of Lady Gaga’s four STRATEGIC DIRECTORS as between £130 – 135k pa each.

Which is odd because the audited annual report says Business Change director MAX WIDE “BOY” earned over £141k in 2014 – 2015. Meanwhile Mayor Pillock’s thicko urbanist mate BARRA MAC “NUGGET” RUAIRI reels in a cool £139,350 pa for wandering aimlessly around ABU GHRAIB – Lady Gaga’s ‘agile’ Temple Street office complex – in brown cords.

Can these two senior bosses not add up? Or have they been treated to a secret pay rise?


  1. Mr c

    Shes in at the mo, but im pushing for her position, her days on the council are numbered, and il do a damn sight better for bristol and its constituents, wait and see, mr C

  2. Stoaty Blinder

    Wasting money, obfuscating, opaquing – it’s what they are best at. Also don’t use “earn” and “Yates” in the same sentence. It might be what she gets but she certainly doesn’t earn it running this highly dysfunctional organisation.

  3. benn

    She recently turned down a Council Laptop that all employees MUST USE,and demanded an APPLE AIR PAD,what doe’s this say about her?,.£180000 a year what a joke and it’s our money,you don’t know the half of it.
    More to come.

  4. John Smith

    It would be nice to find out how many hundreds of thousands of pounds ‘consultant’ Mark Ives and his mates have taken out of the council.


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