Mayor Spin has recently been making a fuss about the cost of FREEDOM OF INFORMATION requests to his secretive dodgy dealing council bosses from members of the public trying to find out what he’s up to with their money.

At a recent council meeting Mayor Bullshit even blustered that “HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF POUNDS” were being spent getting his dubious council bosses to answer these enquiries from the public.

This is not strictly true. The amount actually spent on Freedom of Information by Bristol City Council is around £150k a year, in the context of a total communications budget of £2.5m. This means just six per cent of this huge budget goes towards telling Bristolians what they actually WANT TO KNOW.

That means Mayor Liar spends 94 per cent of this budget – or £2.35m – on marketing his OUTRIGHT LIES and DELUSIONARY BULLSHIT to long-suffering Bristolians. This also means he’s able to employ 43 PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING OFFICERS to spin his personal point of view at us. The third highest amount of PRs and associated hangers-on employed by a council anywhere in the country!

Welcome to the city of spin 2016 …

2 thoughts on “SPIN WATCH

  1. Stoaty Blinder

    I don’t suppose it’s occurred to Mayor Pea-Brain that if he ran a half decent, honest, trustworthy, transparent and accountable outfit there might be a lot less need for quite so many FOI requests from the pesky public. I might add that in my experience City Council staff don’t know how FOI requests should be handled anyway, no doubt contributing to the costs involved..

  2. Stephen Norman

    Mein Fuhrer Ferguson it is time you Fucked off you Narcissistic Fucking Obnoxious TWAT or as the scum bags said in the 80s get on your Fucking bike and do one


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