Jeff “CUNT” Lovell: Nazi

Today, the Bristol Labour Group’s Lord Mayor, Jeff “CUNT” Lovell, called people protesting his Labour Group’s right wing £100 million cuts budget “A DISEASE”!

Oh dear. Well, at least they’re not an extreme right wing cunt like Lovell is. After all, which end of the political spectrum is associated with trying to dehumanise their opponents?

We’ll give you a clue Lord Mayor Cunt … It ain’t socialists, it ain’t social democrats. In fact it’s nobody on the left of politics at all. Ever.

The bigger question here is why the hell is there an extreme right winger not only in the Bristol Labour Group but leading and promoting them?

Are they all Nazis? Or do they just tolerate references to the the Untermenschen in their ranks for a quiet life?





  1. Wirralinittogether

    On Wirral we’re ‘blessed’ with a generous complement of such vermin.

    Their latest trick is to invest £600k in scoping work for a luxury housing development, spa, Jack Nicklaus branded golf course and a new fire station – all on green belt land – whilst forcing through cuts on services for vulnerable and disabled citizens, farming services out like there”s no tomorrow, promoting Tory austerity, rewarding Martin LipTrotsky the PR “guru” and reputation manager with £350 a day for enforcing it all, and a 4.99% increase in council tax to pay for the scraps that are left in public hands.

    At the same time the local @WirralLabour are vehemently and hypocritically protesting central government plans to cut “red tape” around green belt development.

  2. Cooper

    There is no need whatsoever to call someone a C— Word whether they are hyprocrits, two faced, or double dealing in your opinion.

    To use the word underminds your case severely as it defines you as incapable of control over your rhetoric.

    It further demeans you to leave this on a site which is visited by school children looking up information on Bristol’s Lord Mayor for a project or simply a citizen wishing for information.

    Why do you, with all your creative and sometimes humourous articles allow yourself to fall into a trap of being placesd in the “disease” bracket by a hyprocrite like Lovell.

    The Lord Mayor has no control over the executive of the council in their year as Lord Mayor so you best
    and most practical course to pursue is with Mayor Rees – he is actually overseeing the cuts as head of the Labour controlled cabinet.
    Marvin blames the previous Mayoral extravagance (of course) but that Mayor (George) pretty much left in place the Labour / LibDems policies of the previous regime. So who the hell do you blame!!!!

    I note that the new CEO of the Council (unelected) put in post by the Cabinet, calls herself an Anglo Polish Working Class person. Well I haven’t met too many working class people accept a wage of £160,000 per annum (that’s £13, 333 per month!!) whilst knowingly cutting and closing colleagues jobs on the council
    If all, the key executive took a 20 % paycut so the CEO@s reduces to £128,000 and allowing for tax the take home isn’t much difference…………………they woud alone on that gesture keep up to 5 colleagues employed!

    You must be frustrated because the people you placed your vote and trust in are screwing it up, and the people in control won’t make any “weareinittogether” gesture to alleviate the hardship of the poor in Bristol


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