The Reverend meets Woolley Wanker earlier this year. But no one knows who leaked that private Facebook post to Wanker.

As the Reverend heads towards the end of the second year of his car crash term in office, he’s increasingly resorting to calling in favours from friends to silence the mounting number of his critics, not least within his own party, by making WILD ACCUSATIONS of racism.

On 17 November community radio station, BCFM’s Politics Show ran an embarrassing item regarding the Reverend’s father and his antics in St Paul’s in the 1980s. The Politics Show had originally attempted to run the item on 10 November but BCFM bosses PULLED it after the Reverend got wind of it and directly intervened with the station’s bosses.

When the item ran the following week, the calm and collected Reverend told the show the item was “RACIST MUDSLINGING from a racist mudslinging show”. Although there was no discernible racism in the item beyond the fact that the main protagonists were black.

In the same week, on the 13 November, on a PRIVATE local Labour Party Facebook group, Mal Sainsbury,a female Labour activist, to mark the anniversary, posted a historical account of suffagette Theresa Garnett assaulting Winston Churchill in 1909 with a HORSEWHIP at Temple Meads Station .

Mal then invited readers to join her on a demo OPPOSING CUTS at the Council House with the ill-advised rejoinder, “Please join us and bring your metaphorical horsewhip to lick our Mayor and Councillors into shape!”

The Reverend – not unreasonably considering he’s a black man and the role of the horsewhip in slavery – took OFFENCE at this remark and objected in the comments to the post. It was then agreed that the Reverend and the activist would resolve the issue, which had obvious hallmarks of a CLUMSY ERROR rather than RAMPANT HATE SPEECH, privately.

So far, so reasonable. However, fast forward a week and a FAKE NEWS article mysteriously appears on the national Operation Black Vote website under the byline of its boss, Simon Woolley “Wanker”, and headlined, “Labour party must expel Bristol’s racist members”. Coincidentally, Woolley Wanker was a MENTOR to the Reverend at the start of his political career and regularly writes puff pieces about the Reverend on his tedious Blairite website.

A cursory reading of Wanker’s article revealed that he’d been LEAKED some partial, selected and incomplete quotes from the Mal’s private Facebook post. Woolley therefore failed to mention the suffragette context in which her horsewhipping quote appeared.

However, despite only having been SPOONFED a couple of incomplete and conveniently incendiary lines from a private post devoid of all context, this didn’t stop batshit crazy Woolley Wanker calling on Labour Party bosses to “purge the party of its racists”, smearing an individual as well a section of Bristol’s Labour Party opposing Rees’s Tory cuts agenda in Bristol.

Woolley Wanker’s rant continued, “As a matter of urgency Labour party head office must SUSPEND its racist members in Bristol until a investigation is undertaken, and SANCTION those who have supported such appalling rhetoric.”

So not only should an activist who happens to vigorously oppose the Reverend’s shite politics be thrown out of the Labour Party over a poor choice of metaphor but any member who in any way defended her against OBV’s scurrilous FAKE NEWS accusations should also be thrown out as a racist too!

A social media storm naturally followed, stirred up by supporters of the Reverend and Woolley Wanker and with Mal at the centre being subjected to HARSH public accusations of being a racist on the basis of Wanker’s fake news. Mischievious Labour right-wingers piled in too, using the opportunity to attempt to smear Corbynites and anti-cuts activists in the local Labour Party with racism.

Even Alex “Half Baked” Raikes, queen of the local race relations scene and boss of publicly funded SARI, paid by us to deal with SERIOUS RACIST INCIDENTS, waded in to this overblown internal party row. Urging people to complain to the local Labour Party, “the more who write. The better. I’m planning some work with them due to this institutional racism and race hate speech. It’s so cancerous,” she thundered. Apparently perfectly happy to use public money and resources on any old fake news bullshit she discovers on Facebook to assist her friend, the Reverend.

We predict a lot more fake news bullshit as the 2020 mayoral election approaches. Be sure to keep an eye out for any RACIST WITCHHUNTS aimed at anti-cuts activists and Corbyn supporters in the local Labour Party as the Reverend attempts to get reselected in 2019 to run again for mayor in 2020 to deliver another four years of crappy Tory austerity.

Let us know if you spot any fake racism stories.


  1. Brundle-fly

    Marvellous Marvin is only going to get more paranoid, repressive and delusional isn’t he.

    Wow, what a control freak, usual par of the course for a neoliberal wolf in socialist sheeps clothing i suppose though.

    Wonder how he’s going to handle a housing price correction (read crash) in Bristol? And all the subsequent knock on effects of that.

  2. LaFayette

    This has made the Daily Mail, in an article written by a suspiciously named Tom Payne. If it really was a non-racist reference to do with something that happened between a suffragette and Churchill, why has she apologised? The labour movement used to be made up of fighters, the right wing of the labour party will be all over her now.

  3. Stan Butt

    It is inappropriate for Mel Sainsbury to use the metaphor horsewhip. Meat-cleaver might be more politically acceptable.

  4. Peter park

    I’m sure that the Bristolian is aware of the comments made by white Labour mp Emma Dent Coad where she called black Shaun Bailey a “token ghetto boy”

    Presumably racism of this kind would mean that this member should also be suspended
    Has this not happened because it would triggered a by election perchance.

  5. Fred Hampton

    What is hilarious here is that if you treat someone as an equal, that is you don’t patronise them but call them out and criticise their politics, then you are branded a racist! Which is a fucking disgrace, especially for those who are experiencing racist shit and don’t have a position of power, a nice well-paid job and Common Purpose training to make you feel better.

  6. Brundle-fly

    So it’s been evidenced that Marvellous Marvin “the man of the people” and his PR spin team will resort to personal ad homin attacks on anyone that criticises his neo-liberal public asset sell off and austerity implementing agenda.

    As a tactic it’s pretty desperate, to try and misdirect attention away from what he is doing rather then engage in adult dialogue about the issues Mal raised. But maybe more concerning is his attempt to silence a journalist pursuing a story about his father and any possible implications this may have on his political position.

    We can see that Marvin is aggressively pursuing an agenda that is very corporate friendly by compliantly stripping essential services of funding and by selling off our publicly owned assets.
    I think his rhetoric will became increasingly like Tony Blair after the Chilcot enquiry, more out of touch with reality, as most people find it, and more stubborn in his shrill protesting about the need to follow corporate solutions to our financial situation.

    Personally i think people should call him out for what he is, a neoliberal blairite, he is of course other things but thats more for a behavioural psychologist to diagnose.

    Given the politically ideological agenda he is pursuing greatly conflicts with the mandate he was elected on we can expect to see a a lot more divergence between his words and his actions.

  7. Cotham Cider

    Not sure why people are surprised, Marvin’s always come across like a Blairite. He’s got the whole package…the limp business friendly agenda. The rhetoric about ‘equality’. The interest in charities as a replacement for state support. The god bothering. The playing to the cheap seats to get elected (the 20mph / rpz ‘review’). And the bleating that his hand is forced in any decisions he makes. Way over promoted, and a neolib too.


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