1. Fred Hampton

    Steve Norman, one of the great community activists in Bristol, fighting for his class against mealy mouthed middle class neo-liberals.

    From campaigning to keep day care centres for the disabled open against Labour Party cuts in 2005, exposing the terrible conditions which killed the elderly in care homes privatised by Lib Dems, Labour and the Tories, fighting to keep social housing against the cuts of Ferguson and the Tory government, encouraging direct action and protest in Avonmouth to highlight the pollution of ‘Green industries’ whilst the Greens remained silent, exposing the illegality of the Council in dealing with women in social housing who were in danger of domestic violence and fighting for the homeless in the face of the housing crisis.

    And on top of all this doing day-to-day case work from tribunals to legal advice to helping the elderly with PPI claims. He was a go to man for many who have no voice. Steve did all of this work for free, because he cared and because he wouldn’t take the cruelties of this world lying down. The ‘Avon mouth’ would never be silent and would never be bought off.

    In this world of so-called ‘professional activism’ and paid ‘social justice’ consultants, of politicians with no principals, of neo-liberal PR bullshit, of corruption and nepotism and the rich getting richer, Steve Norman stuck two fingers up and did something about it. A shining example of what we need and a lesson to us all.

    He will be sorely missed.

    RIP Steve

  2. xxx

    Oh no, has he died? I only spoke to him once, but I did see him giving it some, several times. The last time I saw him he looked very ill and I thought at the time he needed medical attention. He will be missed.


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