Social Cleansing at Bristol City FC

Loyal supporters were left feeling shocked and betrayed after Bristol City announced season ticket prices for next year. Like a mirror image of Tory Britain, the most vulnerable fans, including the young and disabled, are the hardest hit, with a sickening price increase of 570% on last season.

In addition, adult tickets have risen 16%, senior citizens 17%, under-22’s 25%, and under-19’s 51%. This seems particularly hateful in light of this season’s huge financial gains from TV revenue, cup ties and a record 16,000 season tickets sold. In a further piss take of it’s most loyal fans, BCFC have given fans just 2 weeks to pay up – or they will permanently lose their seats. This is over 5 months before the new season even begins.

Many believe BCFC are attempting to ‘nudge’ parents with children into the ‘Family Area’ – way up in the gods of the Lansdown upper tier, thereby freeing up lucrative seats in the areas that provide the best views. If City win promotion to the Premier League, the club can sell those seats at a premium to corporate groups and football tourists.

The neighbourhoods of Ashton and Southville are two of the worst affected areas in terms of gentrification in the whole of Bristol. No doubt the club see this as an opportunity to entice a new breed of fan; wealthier and more middle-class, politically right-on, less prone to profanity and happy to sit down and shut up in a sanitised and sterile environment.

One fan told us: “I have sat in the same place for 42 years with three generations of my family. For us to sit in the same seats next season, we have to pay an extra £991. The club are effectively saying: move where we tell you or get an economic sanction. Now that they’re on the verge of joining the Premier League, it’s as if they don’t need us anymore. We are not wanted. How can they justify such a steep increase above inflation? This is our reward for the support we’ve given over the years? It feels like the club have put a tax on loyalty”.

City’s owner Steve Lansdown (non dom financial services shyster) – and his witless son Jon (who just happens to be Vice-Chairman) justified the prices by saying: “The club want to get more families sitting together and feel that is best in the family area”.

The board have made the cost of renewing so prohibitive for most, their message is clear: we don’t want you to pay more for your current seat – we want you gone from those sections altogether.

5 thoughts on “Social Cleansing at Bristol City FC

  1. Sue Forbes

    It’s just football… a mindless game for morons created for the sole purpose of keeping sociopaths and thugs (apologies for the tautology) off the streets for a few hours each week so the rest of us can rush out and get our shopping in peace and relative safety.

    Bristol Rovers do the same, paid for by shopkeepers along Gloucester Road. Such a shame that marshalling single-cell pond life takes up so much of A&S Constabulary’s budget… we could have coppers on the streets preventing crime otherwise. (OK, perhaps not… stupid thought!)

    On second thoughts… boo! Any price rises will discourage these troglodytes from participating in their regular tribal rituals. Eek… they could be unleashed upon us! At least they are easily recognisable by the ludicrous ‘team’ gear, tattoos and knuckle-dragging… and that’s just the (some say) females.

    1. el scampio

      It’s not ‘just about football’. Football clubs have been cultural institutions in working-class communities
      for over a hundred years. That culture is now being taken away from them.

      The working-class are under attack in this city – and that’s the point of the article.

      From a right-wing perspective, you could say ‘tough shit’ – that’s capitalism. But in Germany it costs about £11 to see top flight football and fans own 51% of clubs by law. Germany has the strongest economy in Europe – so it’s not doing their ‘capitalism’ any harm is it? Kinda reminds me of when Thatcher said ‘There’s no other way’. Fucking liar – just look at what preceded Neoliberalism before it was implemented by force in Latin America: Uruguay and Argentina had better literacy rates than Western Europe and the USA. They had the best (free) healthcare, and public education systems in the world. Everybody was thriving.

  2. Fred Hampton

    Are you a Nazi? Cos you sound like one… what’s next psychiatric hospitals and camps for football fans?

    1. Sue Forbes

      Sounds good to me. Can we choose how long the detention period will be? A couple of hours just isn’t enough. How about a week either side of a match?

  3. Fred Hampton

    Sue, you need to get out more and not bother with trolling. It’s not good for your mental health.


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